A newbie with a question!

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I apologise if this is obvious, but i have trawled through pages and pages of search results and i just can't find the answer to my query!

    On the Morning After there are D-rings? These i assume are for straps? I see some of you have managed to custom order these straps (i'm guessing they are straps from other bags, as apposed to straps made especially for tPFers?!) So, if the bag doesn't come with a strap.. why the D-Rings?

    I hope that makes sense and this isn't a stupid question! LOL!
  2. I wanna say they are there for two reasons... one just part of the design (the Drings are great if you want to add a charm or tie a scarf to your bag!), and 2nd because previously you were able to order custom straps. The MAM, and the MAB are a bit snug over the shoulder for some members- and both bags don't fit over the shoulder with a coat, so RM use to do the hobo strap for the shoulder, and the Elisha strap to wear messenger style... however in Spring 2009 RM bags will come with an elisha strap with each bag so you don't have to buy your own. :yes:
  3. I was hoping it was a handy way to add charms! I :heart: bag charms and love that there is a designated spot for them! As for the straps.. hmm.. i can fit my Balenciaga City over my shoulder with a lightish coat on - they have stretched a bit through use - do the MAM's stretch too?

  4. I haven't used my MA's as much as my Bal City to notice if they stretch or not, but they are definitely different materials i think... If a city fits over the shoulder for you I would think the MAM should also :yes: I think th ereason the city fits better is because it is flatter under the arm.
  5. Welcome to RM subforum :smile:

    I don't use my D-rings, but I just love the way RM HW looks on her bags and it's definitely a great place to hang charms or tie scarves.

    I've been using my MAM for about 8 months now, and I feel like the handles have softened up (and perhaps stretched) over use so that they sit quite comfortably over my shoulder. I've been able to wear it with my thicker winter coats too - the fit is a little snugger but I try not to overfill my bag so I can squish it under my arm, HTH!
  6. MAM strap clearance is longer than Bal City. BUT MAMs has a huge base so it kinds of sticks out when you sling over shoulder but as you use & break in the base(more so with the leather as opposed to patent base). But it is not uncomfotable. I sling my MAM over my shoulders too. Cities are shorter handled for shoulder slinging but it breaks in nicely with use. The shape of the City makes it more comfortable to sling on shoulders as it is flattish. BUT if you ask me, clearance wise, MAM is more comfy & less snug. Mine are patent handles so I think they don't really stretch with use(I've also used only a few times). HTHs!

    & Welcome to RM addiction!!!
  7. Thank you for that girls!! I can't wait to receive mine!! I'm so excited!