A newbie who wants to show off

  1. her one and only Chanel item - but I just know now Im here there WILL be more :yahoo:
    tn_CIMG3581.JPG tn_CIMG3582.JPG
  2. LOVE those! Congratulations. Now you're hooked.:wlae:

  3. Gorgeous! Yeah, you're right, there's no turning back! ;) Congrats!
  4. I'm with you! I have only one Chanel piece, and that's my Cambon tote, but I just know I won't be able to stop at one. *L* Welcome to the boards! Those sunglasses look awesome on you!
  5. Very nice, congrats.
  6. Great glasses! They look really good on you!

    I have a feeling it won't be your last purchase as well! *evil laugh*
  7. :heart: It!

    & I totally love the background :yes:
  8. soooo cute!they look awesome on ya!
  9. Great purchase! Beautiful and I agree - once you CHANEL there is no going back....

    I learned this the hard way...it started with one purchase and now...there is no cure.

    Wear the glasses in good health and of course great style!
  10. Welcome!:flowers:

    Your new sunnies look super cute on you!:girlsigh:

  11. gorgeous, congrats! You look great in them.
  12. Look great on you!!!
  13. So cute- they look great on!
  14. Oh I love those!! Congrats!!! They look great on you!!
  15. I love the color of your sunnies.... so cute!!! Enjoy - now the addiction will begin.