A Newbie Seamtress Mistake!

  1. Hello, All!
    Most you know I am a tailor with over 20 years experience and I have just made the biggest newbie mistake ever! It is rather funny, it was my own garment and the fabric was not expensive. Of course at the time, I almost cried and then came up with a solution.
    My clients would not have been subjected to this mistake because I ALWAYS take their measurements over protestations and denials. I tell them they may have lost weight or gotten in to better shape, that gets them to cooperate. But, I failed to ensure my own measurements were accurate! They were accurate back in February, but I've either lost or redistributed some weight since then.
    Anyway, if you want to read the whole calamity it's on my blog and the link is in my sig.
    If you want a good laugh and reminder that no one is perfect and subject to the simplest of errors, visit my blog.
  2. Thanks Kathy!

    Better too big than too small! I, too, am a seamstress (not professional) and a quilter, and over the years, the seam ripper and I have become REALLY good friends!:lol:

    I like your bags, too!

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. It happens to me a lot, sometimes I forget that the thickness of a fabric is really thicker than it is!!! But wow!!! 20 years experience in tailoring. That's something!!
  4. Ah, reverse sewing! I have both a seam ripper and a scalpel for the serged seams! Yes, the seam ripper is my friend!
  5. I started young (in college as a way to make money so I can eat) and never really stopped.
  6. Fabric drape, content and thickness are serious considerations. You're not going to get a wool knit to act and and drape like a cotton one. My all time favorite fabric is rayon! It feels so dreamy against the skin, breathes and is easy to care for! I love working with it, too! Cottons and linens are next. In the hot Phoenix climate, synthetics just don't wear well. Polyester in all its forms is evil!
  7. Dear Kate. loved your blog..I 'sew' for a living, quilts..NOT LIKE YOUR GRANNY MADE! art quilts..see www.pennysisto.com I think a lot of artistic women love B.Bags...