a newbie question

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  1. are the birkins and kellys heavy ????if so which bags in hermes range are lighter .
    thanks for ur answers
  2. There are others here who are much more qualified to answer this, but I'll give it a bump: different leathers definitely can make either bag feel heavier or lighter, along with the different sizes, so yes - a 40cm togo birkin will feel quite heavy... check the reference threads for the different leathers - i believe there are notes about general heft of the leathers and sizes...
  3. I'd say that a 35cm Birkin in something like Togo leather IS quite heavy. Kellys bags are lighter.
    The most lightweight leathers are Chevre (goat) and ostrich.

    For lighter handbags, you can check out the Bolide 31, Paris Bombay and Plume (lightest of all.)
  4. let's say you've got a kelly 28 and a bolide 31 in the same leather - will the bolide be heavier? it seems like a silly question even as i type it, but some how i'm more aware (visually i mean) of the hardware on the kelly, so i thought maybe that adds to the weight.
    but since the 31 bolide just has more leather, is it heavier? anyone?
  5. Yes it is. The Kelly 28 is very light in comparison.
  6. :sad: :wtf: don't say it. take it back. lie to me.
    to be honest, i'm too far gone tonight on my bolide high to even let that deter me.:love: if i'm ever so lucky to get a 31 bolide, i'll have to load up on bengay and thermacare patches for my sore muscles.
  7. ^:yes::yes:for that marshmallow, it's so worth the bengay! :drool:
  8. Garden party totes in toile/leather are fairly lightweight compared to Birkins since they are mostly canvas. Fjord and Ardennes (discontinued leather I believe) are among the heaviest of the leathers. In general, 35cm Birkins can be pretty hefty after carrying one on your arm after awhile. 30cms are a bit more manageable. 28 and 32 cm Kellys are lighter and easier to handle if they have the adjustable shoulder strap.

  9. Just think how good your arms will look after a few months!!