a newbie here... please enlighten me!

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  1. i've always thought b bags are cool but thought it's too trendy for the money. but now i'm really beginning to like them and are actually considering to purchase one. i would probably go with a city but also think small or twiggy is cute too. i'm 5'2''.

    now comes the questions:

    1. i noticed that there are years next to color names. are there only certain/limited colors per season/year? so if i were to buy at a department store i could only get the color for this particular season?

    2. where is the best place to purchase one? (i'm in the bay area) do they ever go on sale? can i get it at saks and utilize their spend and get money back event?

    3. i might be going to germany next year. is it cheaper to get it there?

    sorry these are such elementary questions but i would really appreciate it if you guys can guide me here! thanks!
  2. Hi there! I think the city would be perfect for your first bbag! It's my favorite style and holds so much stuff!
    With regards to your questions:

    1. Yes, Balenciaga comes out with different colors each year, with one set coming out for spring/summer and another one for fall/winter.
    I'm not sure if you're familiar with this site, but it has great information of all things related to Bbags:
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season
    At the department stores, it will be easier to find bags for whatever the current season is, but it is possible to find ones from a past season (it is especially true if a color wasn't too popular).

    2. I'm in the Bay Area too. :yes: I have bought most of my bags from the Bal NY store. They don't charge any sales tax, and I've been very happy with the bags my SA has picked out for me.
    I've never bought any bags from Saks yet, but if you want to buy your bag in person, Neiman Marcus also sells them.

    3. Perhaps some of the PF'ers in Germany can help you out with this one?

    Good luck, and please keep us posted! :smile:
  3. Hi LoVe23 - I'm pretty new to bbags too. I bought my first one in July, second one in September and just got a third one today. They are addictive b/c there are so many beautiful colors and styles.

    1) Yes, Balenciaga only makes certain colors once and they never repeat the exact same color. Also, the leather vary from year to year and that makes a difference to some people.
    2) I'm from the Bay Area too. The SF Saks does not carry Balenciaga. Neimans in Union Square deos but their selection is generally pretty picked over. Susan in Burlingame and SF also carries bbags. I've only been to the Burlingame one and they had a small selection - although they seemed to have every style of the new color Blue India the day I was there. Balenciaga bags never go on sale - as far as I know. If you don't mind buying a handbag unseen, you can order from Aloha Rag or Balenciaga NY and save on tax.
    3) Not sure? Maybe depends on the dollar vs euro exchange rate when you go?
  4. just wanna say welcome ,

    from a fellow bbager :smile:
  5. Welcome! I, too, am new to the forum and am considering my first purchase of a city. I noticed in the "deals" section, members listed sale events at Neiman Marcus and Saks. Has anyone ever seen Balenciaga go on sale (last season, current season, pre-sale)? Thanks!
  6. i said it's not too trendy fo the amount of money. actually it's worth the price... the leather is so beautiful, it's money for quality, not for designer brands...
    so, good luck...i hope you decide to buy one of these :yes:
  7. I just got my first b-bag at Susan in B'game...they have a pretty good selection depending on when you go..aka they had more this time than last time we were there. They already know what they are getting for spring 07 so if you call and speak to someone there (Anita or Irina are both great), you can get more information or get put on the waiting list. Right now they have a bunch of Truffels, some blacks, a red I was not that familiar with, and a few Blue Indias left. Oh and two dark forest green ones that we didn't look at too closely since they were larger (work or weekender).

    I only bought local because they had the exact bag I wanted (Blue India Day). Aloha Rag also had a BI Day, but I didn't feel *as* comfortable buying sight unseen when Susan had the bag and it was absolutely lovely in person. But I would definitely buy from AR or from Bal NY (I was there 2 weeks ago and met Sarah who was very helpful!), if I had not been able to find my Day locally.

    Neimans in SF does carry b-bags and I have heard mixed reviews about them. I think we're pretty lucky to live in an area with more than one retailer and I'm thankful for Susan because I'm in the South Bay and the trek up to SF just to drool on b-bags could get tiring after a while, LOL! B'game is much closer! :P

    Have fun researching and shopping!! That is definitely 1/2 of the excitement right there!
  8. thank you ladies for the helpful tips and welcoming me! i'll keep you guys posted if i end up getting one. :smile:
  9. :yes:
    Hi and welcome to the pf! There were just a couple of things to add to the already excellent advice from the other girls. Most of us get bags from previous years on ebay. I personally love the colors and leather from 05 the best! If you are uncertain of whether a bag you are interested in is authentic or being sold at a fair price, you are lucky you found the pf!! You can link the listing to the "authenticate this" section of the pf, and the girls here are very knowledgable and will happily answer a question on authenticity, pricing, and such. In achtung, balenciaga is a list of noteworthy bags for sale, mostly from ebay, and these girls are lightening fast on getting bags posted that have just been listed. Below I have added the link to another helpful section called "where to buy balenciaga". Good luck, and make sure to share pictures of your first b-bag!

  10. All european designers bags or cloths are cheaper in Germany than in the US but for Balenciaga bags we don't have much shups who carry them actually 5 shops in the entire country and it can easily be that they're sold our when you're here. Bbags aren't that popular here as in the US. I'd buy there because you have a much bigger choice.