a newbie back for more questions!!

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  1. thank you for guiding me on my previous post on where to find one, etc. i got to try on a few at NM in SF last week and decided that i want a city. they didn't have a lot of colors but after doing some searches here i'm in love with rouge vif! is this hard to find now? i'll probably have to call balenciaga or barneys to order but haven't confirmed what they have in stock yet.

    can i call to order at barneys (any barneys will work?) and still open a card to get 10% off?

    what do you experts think about my choice of rouge vif city for my first bbag? (leather, color, etc.)

    thank you so much!
  2. The rouge VIF color and leather has been very popular!! I don't own that color but people who have it say that it is a true red--not too orangy. All the pictures I've seen are beautiful!!! Good luck with your purchase!!
  3. Rouge vif is TDF! You should definitely get a rouge vif city! You would love it. I think they would be really hard to find now since they are sold out at most places. But you are in luck because there's a few great ones on Ebay right now. All of these are very reputable sellers, and the first one is a really lovely Pfer:




  4. thank you for the heads up and i'm really tempted to hit BIN for that first auction! however, i'm kinda scared to buy something that i haven't seen IRL, especially this being my first and all!

    so as i was doing some more research here (i learned so much! :P ) and found that spring 07 will have a red very similar to rouge vif. i think i would rather want to wait a bit and get that. hopefully i would able to see the color at my local NM before i order.

    so when will the new colors be out? do you think it'll be easy to buy the new red or should i be calling now and be on the wait list?

  5. Is the Rouge vif just red leather, not distressed? I saw one in Shirise the other day when I got my dark chocolate city. It is just pure red, the leather is soft, but not distressed.
  6. You can open a new card at Barneys to get 10% off but I don't think you can do it over the phone. But you will get 10% all day if you can so if you find another bag you like :graucho: call around to the other Barneys.....

    But besides Barneys and Balenciaga, have you tried Nordstrom in Sacramento? I thought someone here mentioned that they got some Rouge Vif bags.