a newb for gucci

  1. hi all.. i am interested in purchasing a gucci belt bag....can anyone recommend me a credible, trustworthy website where i can purchase it at? much help needed, thanks. Oh btw, how can you tell from a real/fake waist bag? thanks. :yes:
  2. Welcome to the pf! I don't know of any authorized dealers other than gucci. You can buy it online from them. Or you can try ebay and ask some of the lovely ladies here to authenticate it for you before you buy it. A lot of us are experts in handbags.:biggrin:
  3. hi peeps.. i'm also looking for this bag i believe is a waist bag? (i think) lol this would be my first bag i guess hah... but yeah, would it be this bag you're talking about cuz that is what i want
    but holy crap $500?! (at styledrops) but yeah.. if you live in ontario, canada and been to pacific mall, they sell it there for $50, do you think it's authentic or fake? and oh yeah.. if i were to get it, do u think you can wear it as a handbag, like over your shoulder instead of waist, cuz yeah i prefer that.. ok thanks :smile:
  4. gucci.com

    I bought mine in the classic monogram, color at the Gucci store.
  5. For $50 I can say with 99% confidence it's a fake without even looking at it. As far as I know there are no authorized re-sellers of AUTHENTIC handbags at Pac mall!
  6. :roflmfao:

    Why so conservative jadecee?? I can say with 200% confidence that the $50 Gucci bags at Pacific Mall are FAKE!!! :P
  7. I think Juicy is the only authentic bags that I've seen at PMall (JCY house).
  8. hehe thanks.. i guess it's better not to buy a fake cuz it'll probably break in a few months, but i'm only 16 (grade 11) should i just get it, or get a job until i have 500 bucks, cuz i wouldn't think i'd keep that bag for like forever lol

    ps. where exactly can u find that bag on gucci.com? i heard they don't sell to canada tear :sad:, but should i go to other countries or u.s?
  9. i love the mono belt bag...I want it so badly....esp for Disney & the gym