A new wallet on the way..

  1. I just purchased the Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Flap Clutch - Free Shipping & Return Shipping for mom in Camo for her birthday! :yahoo:Although I'm already late since her birthday was last friday. :sweatdrop: I know she will love this - I showed her a pic of this a while back and now I finally decided to buy it for her.

    Since I got my Venetia - she now loves Marc Jacobs! :p
  2. That's a really nice gift! That's very sweet :smile:
  3. P, I hope your mom will love this wallet. =)
  4. oh i hope soo too, H!

    i asked her if (described her) the color will work for her, she said yeah. so im crossing fingers on this one.

    if not, i can send it back or i'll keep it to my purse. :lol:
  5. I think that's a nice color and its a simple no nonsense wallet, so its great!
  6. yeah i think so too. it's pretty neutral color to me.
  7. How sweet of you!! I hope your mom loves it!
  8. Happy Birthday to your mom! Your a great daughter and you have good taste!
  9. zappo's upgraded my shipping from 2 business day to 1 business day and they will ship it tonight. free shipping and no tax - gotta love them! now I just need to get something to fill the wallet. hmmm....
  10. How wonderful! Your mom will be happy to know she has such a thoughtful daughter. I'm sure she'll enjoy it!
  11. [​IMG]

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. It looks nice! :biggrin: The lining perks up the wallet!
  13. Thanks for posting the pics! I was wondering what it was like inside.
  14. I love that wallet, and have been lusting after one in Carbon Blue for some time. Hopefully I'll find one soon!

  15. The lining is super cute! What a great daughter you are!