A new thread for renewed RM love including OS bags!


Aug 20, 2006
nice leather....looks so soft
It is so so soft!!! I had a black pebbled leather with CC lining a few years ago which I sold (mainly because I have too many black bags) but I actually prefer it in the chocolate brown. It's funny how certain leathers look better in certain colors!! A few posts back, I posted a brown MAM I got from TRR and I don't even have that bag any longer-lol. I was not a fan of the stiffer leather whatsoever, plus I prefer the MAB. This one is a keeper!!
:girlsigh: :love:
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Sep 12, 2015
Gorgeous! This actually looks like dark chocolate, which IMO is softer than chocolate (and more rare!)
I have a feeling it could be lamb I'll have to check though.
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