A new take on the JUSTY bag LOL

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  1. Lol.
  2. Hahhahha.. they could call it the "Justy'n Time"!!!! :okay:
  3. lol it doesnt even have wheels!
  4. lol! how did you even find this listing? lol all the items from that seller are titled the same way. I wonder if they are authentic.
  5. :hrmm:
  6. I know...right!!

  7. It looks fake to me.
  8. Too funnY!
  9. :nuts: Too funny!
  10. hehe - where do people get these names?!?!?
  11. I like the idea of "robust cowhide" handles. Grrrreat stuff.
  12. Justy and roller bag? Obviously, the people selling these bags are NOT familar with LV! This "roller" bag looks fake - the metal chads holding the handles look too rounded, right?

    Anyways, very funny!! Thx for sharing!!!
  13. Yep definatly fake. The LV's are'nt aligned correctly and the handles look long.