A new Style??? (Metallic 'Shoulders' from 04/05 Holiday Collection)

  1. Okay ... so here's the thing ... I managed to snag these two [RARE] finds when on holiday in Italy. I come back home, and then started to compare them to my Black "Shoulder" (also from 2004) as well as my Rouge Metallic Makeup Clutch (also from the 2004/5 Holiday Collection).

    'Lo and behold, I not only see differences in the dimensions ... these bags are "taller" and "wider" than my Black Shoulder; they don't have the leather "strip" on top and the inside depth is less - here are the dimensions:
    • Bag Dimensions: ~9.5”[width] x ~6.5”[height] x ~1 ¾”[deep]
    • Shoulder Strap (~15” in length – the same as my Black Shoulder)
    The other oddities are in the tags and the Authenticity Cards:
    • Inside Metal Tag (front) contains “BALENCIAGA_PARIS” (and like my other Rouge Metallic Makeup Clutch - same season), the plate didn't contain the additional Leather Lot # or Model #)
    • Underneath the Metal Tag, the leather is stamped with "139068' and "213048" as well as the "made in italy" (I COULD NOT for the life of me get a decent picture ... the metallic leather casts such a 'shine' regardless of a Flash!!)
    Thought I would show everyone that I think I've found YET ANOTHER Style that we didn't know about before!!! Anyone else on the PF either seen these -OR- has one (or more)???!?!?!?!?

    First ... PICS of the Rouge Metallic 'Shoulder':
    Rouge Metallic Shoulder - BEST Bwtmk.jpg Rouge Metallic Shoulder - BEST Whole 1wtmk.jpg Rouge Metallic Shoulder - Inside Tagwtmk.jpg Rouge + Orange Metallic Shoulderswtmk.jpg Rouge Metallic Shoulder - BEST cwtmk.jpg
  2. Now for the PICS of the Orange Metallic 'Shoulder':
    Orange Metallic Shoulder - Auth Cardswtmk.jpg Orange Metallic Shoulder - BEST Whole 1wtmk.jpg Orange Metallic Shoulder - Inside Tagwtmk.jpg Orange Metallic Shoulder - Whole Smallwtmk.jpg Orange Metallic Shoulder - from Top 1wtmk.jpg
  3. ^^ OMG, CeeJay, you lucky-duck, i :heart: them!!!
  4. ... I'm not done yet!!! Here's another interesting thing ... I have the Box that it came in. So, yet again ... I did a 'COMPARE' between the Black Shoulder (yup ... have the box) and the Metallic Shoulder ... check it out:

    * Top Box: Metallic Shoulder
    * Bottom Box: Black Shoulder
    Notice that the numbers are different as well as the picture of the bag.

    Also wanted to point out that I purchased these two :heart: beauties :heart: along with two more Boobies (hit the JACKPOT!) and my coveted distressed CHOCOLATE Leather Aviator ... at an authorized Balenciaga retailer in Italy ... so there's no suspicion of ~foul play~.

    The AMEX card had a SERIOUS workout on this trip :shame: :sweatdrop: !!
    Shoulders A+B - Boxes BEST1.jpg Shoulders A+B - Boxes BEST2.jpg
  5. OMG ceejay!!! those are gorgeous!!! that's one hell of an unforgettable b bags trip :P
  6. They are amazingly beautiful!!! WOW!
  7. WOW CeeJay .... great job :nuts: !! Thank you so much for sharing those 'specials' - they looks AMAZING :yahoo: !! CONGRATS to those rare founds :flowers: :love:
  8. How cool, CeeJay! Thanks for the detailed photos, they look amazing. That does it... next vacation is in Italy...
  9. Amazing! New styles we never knew about! Too cool. Congrats. I love the metallics.
  10. BOOBIES? did someone say Boobies? I would like to see your pictures of your 2 Boobies please.....

    NO NO NO! Not THOSE Boobies! The ones you bought silly!

    sheesh! :P
  11. HILARIOUS ... LOVE IT :roflmfao: ... needed a good laugh today (considering that I'm in WORK right now on a Sunday ... :cursing: !!!!)

    I see that I have serious "Boobie" competition though ... uh oh ...
  12. CeeJay!! Wow!! :nuts: Congrats on your gorgeous finds!! :yahoo: I love the bright colors of the metallics - what fun "going out" bags you have!! :drool:

    (congrats on your other boobie finds, too!! pics, please!!)
  13. CEEJAY!!! She is gorgeous!!! Congrats! I never thought I would like any other metallic except for the earthly tones (pewter and bronze), but this is HOT HOT HOT! Same goes for your metallic magenta!
  14. Donna ... here's a Boobie pic for you; my 2005 Teal Boobie ...
    Teal Boobie - BEST 1wtmk.jpg Teal Boobie - BEST 2wtmk.jpg Teal Boobie - 1wtmk.jpg Teal Boobie - Side Profilewtmk.jpg
  15. You can't go wrong in Italy ... FABULOUS Food, DIVINE Wine, UNBELIEVABLE Shopping (albeit [FONT='UPC/EAN']€€€ -or- $$$ costly to the "pocketbook" unfortunately) ... and don't even get me starting on all the :love: GEE-ORR-GEE-USS :love: men!!! [/FONT]