A new store for Chicago, IL toki fans!!

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  1. My friend discovered a new store that just opened which carries tokidoki shirts, some toys AND BAGS!!! I went in today to c what kinds of bags they had. here is some of the following:

    vacanze: buon viaggio, zucca, dolce
    transporto: aventura
    l'amore: canguro, porta telephone
    pirata: gioco, bambino
    famiglia: luna
    fumo: buon viaggio, dolce, cucciolo

    they probably have more which i can't remember off hand...

    here is the store info. they said they also do phone orders as well.

    427 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, IL 60605 (near corner of dearborn and congress)

    The guys are really nice over there. hope you find what your looking for!
  2. Thanks so much, I can't believe there is Tokidoki in this city that I have not sniffed out yet. YAY!!!
  3. THANKS ! That's one of the places I haven't been too yet .. !
  4. I dropped in at lunch but they didn't have anything I loved.