A New Sister for My Paraty

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  1. Each year, I take part of my work bonus and treat myself to a new high-end bag. Last year was the Givenchy Pandora, the year before that - my Ferragamo Sofia, etc., etc. My first premier designer bag purchase was my Chloe Paraty in Rock, and that bag still makes my heart go pitter patter.

    This year I wanted to try a designer that I didn't yet own. But as much as I looked at other brands, there'd be one aspect or another that just didn't feel 'right'...I kept finding myself circling back to Chloe. After much debate, I ended up with...

    The medium Marcie in Tan. I love it! It's actually a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but still a great size to hold what I need to carry.

    Even better? Now my Rock Paraty has a sister. Honestly? No one does neutrals like Chloe - best colors ever! Marcie.jpg Marcie-Paraty.jpg

    Thanks for letting me share! :smile:
  2. Okay - so one question for those of you with Marcies...I've noticed that her handles are pretty squeaky. Will that subside with time, or will it just be a sound I get used to, like my jingly Paraty handles?
  3. When I first got my Marcie, one side of the handle squeaked. I've had the bag 9 months now, use it occasionally, and it doesn't squeak anymore.
  4. Cool - thank you! Hoping the squeaks will diminish with time. :smile:
  5. Beautiful love chloe. They are such great everyday bags.
  6. I forced myself to change handbags last weekend. My Marcie has been my daily bag for a while. I simply love it.

    Enjoy yours. It's a gorgeous color indeed.
  7. Thanks! I can tell I will be carrying Marcie a LOT.
  9. Bought my tan marcie in November and love it! Good choice!
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  10. Congrats! Chloe really makes beautiful bags!:heart:
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  11. Yay! Both great colors and bags :biggrin:. Mine still squeak a little, but I like the sound of the leather rubbing! The Paraty is most definitely a jingly bag. Would like to see the color Whiskey again!
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  12. Classic staple! Congrats on your new Marcie!
  13. Thank you!
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