A new shade of brown....

  1. Yes, there's going to be a new shade of dark brown next season called "café"; since I'm addicted to browns :rolleyes: I'd like to know if anyone has seen it or knows about it, and can describe it.....TIA:smile:
  2. Hi duna, yes I'd mentioned cafe in the list of leathers and colours. Cafe will be available in Clemence

    It's exactly (yup) like chocolate in Togo. I saw it on a leather swatch for AW2007. For Togo lovers, who find chocolate in box calf lovely, this is it!
  3. Thanks MrsS! Would it be then lighter than Ebene in Clemence ? I'm asking b/c I want Clemence in Ebene, but I was told by my store that they'll have it in Café and not Ebene, so I'm trying to figure out how different it is.....As far as I know, chocolate in Togo is lighter than Ebene in Clemence....
  4. ^^^Yes, I think it's definetly lighter.
    Ebène is so dark it's almost black, but you already know that (amazing color, goes with just everything)
  5. I saw a swatch and it was definitely lighter than ebene. Next time I go into H, I'll try and do a side by side comparison. If I recall correctly, there were no reddish undertones whatsoever...if that helps.
  6. duna, the picture below is icechick's choc togo. Cafe clemence is just like this.

    I specifically put the 2 leather swatches side by side to compare and remember being amazed that these 2 colours are identical. It did make me wonder why Hermes hasn't named it chocolate clemence. And my guess is that Paris wants to create an element of intrigue for this brown in AW2007.

  7. You ladies are killing me! I can't wait for this color to come out but have to live vicariously through someone else. I love brown, but only have just enough room for my SOs, not much else!
  8. What a pretty shade of brown!
  9. ^^^ Thanks a lot MrsS, great info!
  10. thanks MrsS!

    ....but I do think 'chocolate' is more apt than 'cafe'. somehow 'cafe' brings to mind a much darker color, closer to ebene :shrugs:
  11. I love it all - ebene, chocolate, cafe - so beautiful!!
  12. That right there is a tdf combo...chocolate with gh! Now who has been wanting that combo in a birkin....hmmm....could it be Rockerchic?
  13. I still can't believe that bag is mine :love: I hope you find your Birkin soon RC!
  14. That is one beauty you have there!!! Have you posted modeling pix? I'd love to see it in action.
  15. [​IMG]

    Cafe is very close to this.