A new search engine for women

  1. I received this email, i think it's interesting, at least for us women:

  2. its just google but purple ....
  3. ^Exactly. Why is this so special?
  4. Lame!
  5. It might be useful for some things, but I can't imagine why I would ever want the results of a generic search like "film directors" to be skewed towards women ones-- if I wanted to search for women exclusively you could do that with the search terms.

    It might be useful for shops and stuff, but... Well, call me suspicious, but I can't help but wonder if this might be spam...
  6. it seems to just add "women" to whatever you search, so you get the femme-centric results...it also seems to hurt my eyes. *lol*

    I think I'll just stick with Googling "whatever + women" if I need something specifically about women.
  7. In general, I've found anything that purports to be "for" any group is usually more stereotypical and biased than whatever it's trying to replace. That purple/pink this is a perfect example of this. I just want to search for stuff and find it easily- NOT have the fact that I'm female thrown back in my face with fluffy stuff like this. Blah.
  8. Well they only have one post..could definitely be spam.
  9. That was my initial thought, too, but I'm such a newbie here I didn't want to say it straight out. I've been on a lot of other forums for years, though, and one post + advertising link usually = spam.
  10. ^Yes I agree. I'm not saying it might be spam just because she has 1 post..not at all! Although it is quite suspicious. Oh well, not a big deal..they aren't selling anything. :s
  11. Scam or not, that site is ****eous :throwup:

    My background is in media publishing/design, so I'm a very "visual" person. My first thought was that calling that site "Google for women" was an embarrassment to womankind. Like that's the BEST they could do?! :shame:
  12. Maybe the design isn't very good, and the colours may be ****, but I think it helps to take the female presence out from the internet underground. Compare results with google with the word "scientist", and tell me if you can see Marie Curie anywhere. I think its value is more symbolic, just to remember that women also exist although sometimes they appear less than men.

    If you don't like it, just don't use it. But I think most of us are more confortable with results shown for delicate words like porn, than the obtained by any other search engine.

    If you want more information, read this http://www.prlog.org/10052285-search-engine-for-women.html
  13. Marie Curie just came up as the 6th result when I googled "scientist" :smile:
  14. Ok, maybe it wasn´t the best example :shame:, but in the list of famous scientists that appears before there is no woman. But I still think it can be a good way to see that in some things there is work to do. Maybe i'm wrong, i don't know.
  15. I'm rofling at the name Goo-Woman, it sounds like some comic book villain. "Spiderman, you have met your match, watch as I turn you to gelatinous slime! Mwahahaha!":devil: