a new scarf! little paper clips, safety pins and feathers

  1. i love this design!
  2. I haven't seen this one.Any pics?
  3. I saw it too on Hermes.com and thought that it was a very unique design for Hermes.

  4. its actually much prettier in person! doenst look so spare in real life.
  5. I saw it too...It has buttons and other little goodies on it, too, I think I saw thimbles as well.

    it reminded me of when DD was little, all the things I used to find in her pockets when doing the wash, her little treasures....:heart:

    Some of them I saved to glue onto picture frames. I still have a lot of them!

    Its called "In the Pocket"
  6. thanks!
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.
  8. i don't see it on hermes.com...:sad:
  9. [​IMG]
    Picture 6.jpg
  10. how cute, congratulations, I'd love to see this IRL.
  11. [​IMG]
    Picture 7.jpg

  12. actually the one i bought isnt on the website. its sort of strange b/c the ones in the store all had contrasting borders............mine is a silvery taupe with a black rolled edge ............i am gaga over it!
  13. I'm dying for the new Annie Faivre one: Jardins d'Hiver. I may actually break down and buy it in more than one colorway. The black, brown, and red ones all break my heart, they're so beautiful. I feel like a bratty toddler, jumping up and down impatiently waiting for it to get to stores. Argh.
  14. this is the one I saw, so pretty IRL. And the funny thing is the little pencils and pastels say HERMES on them. Funny to think of it-----if Hermes made art supplies I would be in real serious trouble.....:p

  15. thanks for the pic rose.
    it looks cute. i think i like the white best.