A new purchase that should've waited???

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  1. OK, I went to the Coach boutique just to get the Spring Slide KeyFob and the Skull charm. (ha,ha right)
    I came out with a new Soho Sig. wallet in Pear, which I truly love! :heart:

    However, do you think I should've just waited until June for the PCE? It wasn't absolutely necessary that I get the wallet now. But, the SA's said it may not be available in June.

    What do you think :confused1:
    Should it stay in it's happy new home or go back?
    Spring Coach.JPG
  2. It's adorable, and spring is the PERFECT time to use it. Do you really want to wait until June? Think how cheerful your bags will be with that inside.

  3. Well after talking to the manager at our Coach she told me they were cutting PCE's down to possibly 2 a year and it could be Christmas before the next one, so I think you should keep the wallet!
  4. you obviously love it enough to pay full price. don't torture yourself with the possibility of a pce that may never happen in june, you know?
  5. ^I agree. If I like something enough to pay full price for it I get it when I want it and don't concern myself with how much it might be in a couple months or how much I might be able to get it for on eBay. There's no guarantee with the PCE and, if it's true that they are going to cut the number of PCEs to two a year, it's also possible that they may cut the number of people who get the invitation. Keep it and enjoy it with no regrets.
  6. I just bought the same wallet in brown (one of my first coach purchases). LOVE THAT WALLET!!:heart::heart::heart: Definitely worth paying full price.
  7. It is a beautiful wallet I would keep it!
  8. I say keep it! If there is another PCE in June I am sure there will be more things you want then :yes:
  9. Keep it!!!!!!
  10. Great stuff! I agree with what mokoni said - if I really love something (assuming I have the funds), I get. And since there's now a very big chance that there will be no PCE in December, you're definitely better off getting it now Enjoy it!
  11. keep it! such a beautiful color should be enjoyed in the spring and summer!
  12. Wow, cutting back our PCE! :nuts: Say it isn't so!
    Thanks everyone for all the advice and input....
    My wallet.....it's a keeper!

    Now, how to tell DH!?!

  13. keep it:yes: ! I wouldn't want it to leave its happy home:biggrin:
  14. It's just too pretty to return. Enjoy it NOW!
  15. Keep it and save your reciept. When PCE comes around again and if the wallet is still available, buy it again at the PCE, then return it using your original full-price reciept.