a new problem about Azur cles + pics~~~

  1. First, thanks everyone's help; I finally got Azur cles. I am sure she will work together with my Anna Sui wallet. :p But I find a new problem that bothers me when I take my cards out. The date code inside of the cles wrote as CA1097. Does the month part make sense to your guys? Or is it a fake? I got it at LV store about two weeks ago.:cursing:
    DSCN0308.JPG DSCN0289.JPG
  2. Firtsly congrats!:tup: The date code format has changed, you can find more in the date code reference thread. In your case CA1097 means it's made in Spain on the 19th week of 2007. So don't worry and enjoy!
  3. congrats. as lee said the date code has changed this year. it looks great with your wallet
  4. Yup, not a problem at all. Congrats!
  5. how would it be fake from the LV store??
  6. Cute Anna Sui wallet!!!!
  7. Nice cles! And as the others mentioned, the date codes changed this year to weeks and years instead of month and year. No worries about getting a fake from the boutique!
  8. its so cute. congrats.
  9. Very cute Wallet!
    I really want a Damier cles,
  10. Thanks girls. I did not know that the date code has changed. :smile:
  11. Congratulations on your new piece of the Azur. ;)
  12. super cute! congrats!
  13. If you bought it at an LV boutique, you will NEVER worry about it being a fake.