A new Prada bag (cos my sister didn't love it)!

  1. I went shopping for my sister's birthday present yesterday and when I saw there were more SAs than usual in the store today, I knew they were having a sale! My heart skipped a bit!

    I m saving up for a 1 carat heart shape diamond so I didn't get the prettiest choice - the black sling gauffre bag that Jill had; it was still too steep despite going for almost 40% less! I couldn't decide what to get until a sweet young thing tried on this bag, and the SA told me that it was the last piece. I quickly grabbed it when the SYT hesitated! The damage was about 800 dollars.

    Unfortunately my sis didn't really show much enthusiasm for the bag when I gave it to her at her birthday family dinner. Which was a bit disappointing. So I asked her to come over to my place and I showed her a bag that I bought 2 weeks ago, still unused as I waiting to use it during the Christmas party - the LV Palermo PM. She started giggling so I knew she liked it more. So I took the Prada and she took my LV. My heart sank a little but its her birthday after all.

    I think this poor prada bag needs some lovin, lol. I think I m starting to like it quite a fair bit. More stylish than the LV. I know my dog loves it, he tried to lick it. I hope u gals enjoy the pics! Quite pretty and chic right? Unlike the dowdy Palermo lol. I need some validation lol :p

    DH says dirt will show up easily. I shoot him a crossed look
    DH says I look like I m heading back to school. I m baring my teeth now (hence my head was photoshopped)
    Carrying the bag like this makes me feel like Queen Victoria (Beckham)
    pradatemp2.jpg pradamodel.jpg pradatemp1.jpg pradadog1.jpg
  2. Wow, such a beautiful bag! It looks great on you!
    Btw, your dog is adorable.
  3. I really really like this bag! If your husband thinks it looks like you are heading back to school, I believe it was because this is a younger style (not darker color leather) and can be a everyday bag. This is the East/West style which is one of most popular styles made by Prada. It is the prefect size and shape. Enjoy it! I like this much better than LV Palermo PM.
  4. i love the shape and looks great on you! great deal on it too! congrats!
  5. I think the Prada looks really lovely and looks great on you. Your dog (and you of course) have great taste!
  6. I love it! But if you're not feeling the love you should definitely return it and get something you can't live without.
  7. i think the bag looks great on u!!! enjoy it...
  8. I've found my jacquard to be really durable and I like the leather trim on that bag too. I'm not an LV fan so don't know the other bag you gave up but the Prada is very nice, you'll get a ton of use out of it in the seasons ahead AND you get good Karma for being a nice sister !!
  9. i love it , it looks great on you!