A new pearl treasure!! :)

  1. I am so excited - I've never really wanted a pearl pendant of any kind ... until I saw America's Next Top Model this week! The girls were in Hawaii and the one who won the reward challenge won a trip to a store called Island Pearl (Maui Divers) (thank goodness they showed the store's name!). This is the pendant and earring set she bought. I loved the pendant SO much I called up the store and ordered one! Plus the 18 inch long rose gold chain to go with it! :yahoo:

    I think it's just such a sensual design... and I LOVE the rose gold, diamonds and a chocolate pearl - so unique and gorgeous I HAD to have it! :p I've never even heard of chocolate pearls before! I didn't get the matching earrings because I almost never wear them but here are a few pics of the pendant and the model wearing it... it should arrive this week, I can't wait!!

    What do you think? :smile:
  2. Sorry here are the pics!
  3. it's beautiful! I loooove rose gold, and I think the chocolate pearl and diamonds are gorgeous, cant wait to see it :smile:
  4. Thank you!!! This is my first rose gold piece so I'm curious to see what it looks like on my skin tone.

    It kind of reminds me of being preggars... hee hee.
  5. That's soo gorgeous!!! I love it! I want one! I just got a pair of 10mm chocolate pearl studs last night; your necklace would match them so well.
  6. I saw it on ANTM and fell in love with it too! Congrats :smile:
  7. Thanks!!! Brooke it would be PERFECT with your earrings! I might have to get a pair of those myself! PM me if you need the website or any info... there is a lovely woman doing sales there named Laura who gave me 20% off the chain when it was purchased with the pendant. There were SO MANY beautiful things in their online store!! But I picked this one out immediately. I couldn't stop staring at it on ANTM and am so glad I had it PVR'd so I could rewind and study it! It just falls so nicely... eeeee cannot wait to get it!
  8. Beautiful!!
  9. OMG that is just stunningly beautiful! I don't blame you for buying it haha! Enjoy! :smile:
  10. gorgeous!

    i actually live on Maui and i've never been inside a maui divers shop (though i know where it is!) and my DH's best friend worked at another shop on oahu.

    maybe i should go peek inside one day... enjoy yours in good health!
  11. OH you LUCKY LUCKY girl!!! Part of me loves it so much b/c it reminds me of Hawaii and I love EVERYTHING about your state... don't get out there much because I live in Canada ... but when I do go back one day I'm definitely going to look one of those stores up!!!
  12. I think it's gorgeous and I love the combination with rose gold, diamonds and the chocolate pearl :love:.
  13. Really pretty!
  14. wow, what a pretty pendant!