A new PCE question (I think!)

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  1. When/if you get the PCE invite, or IF you get an awesome SA to give you one, I have a question I haven't seen asked yet...

    Can you use the PCE invite for one item only or can you use it for multiple items? I understand that it may have restrictions, such as not being able to use it on a particular bag or maybe a particular line, but any details would be appreciated!
  2. I haven't been a part of a PCE yet, but last round I saw a ton of the coupons on eBay and the sellers all said it was on the entire purchase, not just one item. :smile: YAY

    I am hoping that my spending over $4000 bucks in the last few months at the boutique will qualify me for this upcoming PCE! :smile:
  3. You can use it on multiple items. In fact my SA always tries me to get more stuff when I am there.
  4. You can use it for multiple items and also multiple people can use it. When I got mine for the last PCE 2 of my friends never got one so we all went together and everyone was able to use it. They also gave it back to us to use the next day but I have never had that happen before.
  5. I've had that happen with me, too--they gave me back my PCE card so I could bring my mom the next day. It was great!:yahoo:
  6. Two things: They should send a car for you to pick you up, roll out a red carpet at your feet and bring you margaritas while you're shopping! If you don't qualify for a PCE, there ain't any hope for the rest of us!

    Second: Any pics of this fantastic collection?:P
  7. LMAO!!
    I am actually putting some pics together right now for you all to take a peek at :smile:
  8. ^^ can't wait to see the pics ^^

    also don't forget, nothing is excluded in this PCE (as opposed to March's PCE when the ergo and fragrance were excluded)
  9. oooh NO EXCLUSIONS that's what i'm talking about!

    even more excited now! lol

  10. Signature Ergo here I come!!! Oh I can't wait! :yahoo:
  11. I just called my local Coach store and they said even perfume will qualify this time.
  12. this is awesome i need a new purse or something new coach....
  13. oh wow, no exclusion, that is great! i guess my list is getting longer now.
  14. Me too! I also added things to my order throughout the week!:yes:

  15. YES! :yahoo: