A new obsession.....

  1. I just received today two scarves I've been waiting for to join my only other vintage beauty.....I'd love to share them with you because I think they are SO beautiful. I love scarves and have a couple of new Hermes pieces but these older ones are just incredible....they have such life and softness and charm!

    .....I have a feeling this is my new obsession.....:shocked:

    The first one is "Palefroi" circa 1965 by Francoise de la Perriere
    The second one is "Les Amazones" circa 1976 original issue by Jean Louis Dumas
    And the last one is "Les Oiseaux des Champes et des Boise" and I need help in identifying the designer and the year of issue :sos:

    ....I love them so much I'm afraid to wear them!!!! :heart:
    ScarfPalefroi.jpg ScarfLesamazones.jpg ScarfLesOiseaux.jpg
  2. Beautiful shopmom!! Love the 2d one best -- you should wear them though!
  3. Les Oiseaux, attributed to Hugo Grygkar. Initial date of issue is 1954. D, is there a copyright symbol by the Hermes-Paris logo?
  4. *Thud* They are gorgeous!!!! :yahoo: Oooohhh the Palefroi with your new gloves...yummy!!!!
  5. Oh wow, shopmom! Your scarves are so beautiful! Enjoy them. :love:
  6. Shopmom, they're all gorgeous. You should definitely enjoy them. Congrats.
  7. Hehe, in my eagerness to find info on your scarves, I forgot to congratulate you. They're beautiful!! When I picked an ID I picked Hermesgroupie because I couldn't just pin my passion down to the bags. Glad to see you're falling in love with their scarves as well.
  8. Congratulations on the scarves, ShopMom!! They are beautiful, I can totally see why this can become a new obsession:flowers:
  9. they're gorgeous!
  10. I have a question, which I hope is not 'dumb',.........Is there any special markings on scarves which say Hermes or which determines it is from Hermes? I have checked on Hermes.com, and I can not tell.

    Thanks in advance...
  11. They're all marked Hermes-Paris somewhere.
  12. Hi Gmel,

    It really depends on the scarf or when the scarf was made. The trouble is that nowadays there exists some kind of Xerox for scarves which allows counterfeiters to reproduce the scarves pretty much 1:1, so it is difficult to tell if you don't have the scarf in hand. In general, the care tag is a pretty good indication but on used scarves the care tag isn't always there. All Hermes scarves have their hems rolled to the front - this is a definite sign common to all Hermes carrees, but unfortunately the counterfeiters picked up on that too.
  13. HG.....That's it, HG. Grygkar! I forgot to write it down when I bought it and could NOT remember to save my life. I'm not at home to check the copyright but I don't THINK I saw one. I'll double check when I get home. I would LOVE to know when this was issued! Thank you for helping me ID this one. It's really my favorite and in PERFECT condition which is amazing for something over 30 years old. I fell in love with it immediately when I saw it.

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments!

    DQ.....WOW! I have to take another close look at all the ladies on that scarf. Thank you for these wonderful details!

    I really LOVE these older scarves....I jut bought Les Promenades when I was in city with Crochetbella and though I like it a lot, it doesn't do it for me like these older issues....I'll be returning it in favor of possibly stumbling across another vintage one! I LOVE the HUNT!!!!!