>>>* A New Month - Post Your MARCH 2014 Purchases Here *<<<

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  1. #1 Mar 1, 2014
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    It's March in the UK already!! Where is this year going?!

    With the new vernis and emp colours out at the end of last month, I think this months thread will be an interesting one :smile:

    So lets share our wonderful purchases for March 2014!!
  2. Purchased this little goodie today:smile: Zippy coin purse in amarante.

  3. Lovely!
  4. I really want to post pictures but am took LAZY! IDK why i'm even up! :smile:
  5. congrats :smile:
  6. congrats, this is beautiful!
  7. Thank you! I'm very happy with it;)
  8. I totally agree! This Thread is going to be really fun due to all the new colors and styles and Spring's coming and it's all so exciting! :woot::sunshine:
  9. Uh oh. I've made two purchases in one day! Will definitely post when they arrive! Also feeling the lilac love and painting my nails lilac :smile:
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393729441.299309.jpg
    my brandnew zippys....&#128540;&#128525;
  11. My contribution for March.. :smile:
  12. My newest addition to the family

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  13. Empreinte Speedy 25 in infini. MIF :yahoo:

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