>>>* A New Month: Post Your FEBRUARY 2014 Purchases Here! *<<<

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  1. New month, new purchases, new items and lines added so let's share everything here! :party:
  2. Yehy....
  3. Although I recieved here at the very end of January, I started using here since yesterday, so I think my miss Trevi GM is a february purchase! :heart:

  4. Congrats, its beautiful!

  5. Congrats!!! WOWW! Is the Trevi GM alot bigger than the PM?
  6. My early V-Day gift from DH. Alma PM in Carmine&#10084;&#65039;&#10084;&#65039;
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391456030.963927.jpg

    my Delightful MM, purchased 1/21/14 in Atlantic City, NJ... My one yeat engagement anniversary!
  8. I don't know why, but I can't attach my photos. But wanted to participate anyway :P. SO, I have purchased the wonderful Palermo PM AND fulfilled a dream I've had for several years; a Mon Mono agenda! I need to figure out how to post the pics and revert... The agenda has not arrived yet, I only submitted the order a week ago.
  9. Love your pic !!
    DE and Vernis, so classy :biggrin:

    The Trevi looks perfect but I am afraid it is too heavy...What do you think ?
  10. Congrats !! On your purchase and your engagement anniversary :biggrin:
    I have a question about the Delightful : when you need to reach for something inside, do you have to take the strap off from your shoulder ?
  11. Thank you! Love your nickname haha :P

    Thank you! I saw your evora in your reveal thread, she's tdf too! I never saw the PM and GM next to eachother, but GM is def alot bigger! You can grab your stuff much beter through the opening and of course you can fit more in it :smile:

    Thank you! I've read about it being too heavy, but I must say I love bigger bags and I'm used to it and she doesn't bother me at all while carrying her..
  12. Perfect :loveeyes:
  13. She's lovely and congrats with your engagement anniversary! :party:
  14. Beautiful color.

  15. Thank you!!!!