a new mom-can i wear the rolando?

  1. i can juggle with all the CL, even with the VP pump. do u think i can hold an infant and still walk around with the rolando?

    please help, i love them but i am just not sure if i should purchase the dark red pair. they are absolutely gorgeous!:yes:
  2. You really must get a pair. The dark red ones are so hot and they'll make you feel so sexy, so unmommy-like. For me, they're actually easier to walk in than the VPs because the closed toe makes my foot feel more secure for some reason.
  3. Honestly I'd suggest trying it on first. I personally don't find the Rolando to be one of the more comfortable CL's and would only wear it to events requiring little walking/standing. But it could vary a bit from individual to individual, so I highly recommend getting a chance to try them on first and see how they fit.
  4. thanks ladies. looks like a trip to NM then!
  5. I just got mine. I think they are too big (see my other thread) but I do have to say they aren't the easiest to walk in. However, a large part of that could be that they are too big.
  6. They are difficult to walk in. I think it's because the toebox is so small so there's almost nowhere for your foot to pull up on... if that makes sense. They're so sexy that I can't help but wear them around anyway :smile: