A new mini reveal!

  1. Hey everyone! I've loved the Constance design for a very long time. Luckily, I was on Fashionphile and I scored this gorgeous beauty for a fantastic price! Here is my new-to-me Constance Compact wallet in Bleu Zanzibar Epsom leather! She's absolutely gorgeous and the color is breathtaking! Thanks for stopping by! IMG_1515527419.864810.jpg IMG_1515527432.553071.jpg IMG_1515527443.956633.jpg IMG_1515527457.419067.jpg
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  2. beautiful! Wear her in health
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  3. I love Bleu Zanzibar in Epsom! The colors look different in different lighting. I thought it was Bleu Izmir at first. Congrats on the score!
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  4. Thanks!

    Thanks so much! You're totally right, I've been struggling for the past hour trying to get a true to color picture haha!! The color keeps shifting so much, but I LOVE it!!
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  5. First pic looks like Bleu Agate! Haha. It's such a wonderful color.
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  6. LOL youre so right omg I didn't even notice till you mentioned hahaha!! Thanks again!!!!
  7. Love the bright color! The color changes in every shot.
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  8. Thanks!! And yes I'm still stunned by the color!
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  9. Gorgeous color, congrats!
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  10. so lovely! :heart: congrats!!
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  11. Thanks y'all!!

    I'm still trying to catch the true color but it's so hard! This is the closest I got.
  12. This is gorgeous! What a great find! Congrats!!!
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  13. Beautiful color wallet! Congratulations
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  14. Thank you both!!!
  15. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!!!
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