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Jul 31, 2008
In My Own Little World
Moving here......

I’ve grown up amidst stack of glossy magazines lying all over my house, and I cannot begin to explain how I loved staring at their covers. Anything Fendi somehow always got my attention, and transported me to a street in Rome where I’m sitting on the sidewalk eating my tomato and cheese pizza, and passers are wondering, ‘Damn! That’s one fine bag she has.” It was only a few days back when, scrolling through some website, my eyes landed on my dream handbag!
It was My Luxury Bargain, a website which sells pre-owned luxury merchandises online in India, and probably the best of the web shops for which I took an instant liking to. There I saw my dream bag beautifully displayed – Fendi 2Jours Denim Tote – which by the way, a fashion buyer like me has always lusted after since her magazine staring days. I couldn’t find it anywhere until I came across My Luxury Bargain.I’d carry the bag with sundresses, denims, all my whites; everyone at the office would be so faced! But I still couldn’t buy it right away because I’m a person who doesn’t believe in online shopping. And when it came to buying luxury handbags online, I sure did have my aversions at their peak!
Firstly, I was so shocked to find a Fendi handbag online in India when I couldn’t find it even at the Fendi boutique. You know how difficult is it to shop luxury handbags in India because brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, and Gucci only have like two boutiques and very-very limited products. It’s the perfect style steal and oh-so-chic, but a little over my budget! So, I contacted them sending a mail and requesting a discount last Sunday. To my surprise, my mailbox had a reply from them Monday morning. The staff is so prompt and courteous. They even helped me negotiate the price of the handbag with the seller. I contacted the seller the same day, and viola, by evening I had a discounted price in my hand.
Blame it on my online shopping trust issues, I was still a little doubtful about the condition of the bag. And why wouldn’t I be? After all, I was the one spending so much money on a luxury bag! So, the website sent me additional pictures, and a brief write up explaining all the signs of use on the bag. What’s more? They even gave me a money back guarantee – that is full refund including any taxes paid - anytime during the lifetime of the handbag to mandate authenticity. I was totally convinced and couldn’t possibly ask for more. When the bag finally arrived, its condition was exactly as the website had mentioned - 'New (this item has never been used)'.
I generally never post about shopping experiences but My Luxury Bargain was substantially helpful. I was simply delighted by their services. I recommend the website to all luxury fashion mongers out there!