A new low with a copycat seller...

  1. So yesterday I see that another seller has listed the same exact bag I recently listed. As a matter of course, I now check listings for similar items to see if any copying has been done (I've had it with copycat sellers). Sure enough, the seller has copied different portions of my listing and even left the font and font color the same from the copied portions! I handwrite *all* of my listings....why the *&%! can't others??? Needless to say I reported it last night. Today the listing was removed by eBay. Fabulous. Thanks, eBay.

    Tonight I see the seller has relisted the item and kept out the copied sections but included the following:

    "This ad will stay up as long as no other jealous eBay seller claims I copied her ad since they had the same measurements. If anyone needs to copy my ad to save them time, go right ahead."

    What?????????!!!!????? Jealous seller???? My God - who CARES that she has the same bag - more power to her! Mine is new, hers is used. Like I care??? Totally off point - the point is it's against ebay's policies that's why they removed it. This ....creature ....is implying I reported her for spite or out of some coincidence based on our items having the same "measurements". Uh uh sister. I write each and every word, including measurements, myself. Write your effin' own! I was soooo tempted to contact her ...but didn't. I'll contact ebay again.

    In my mind her statement is malicious and done with the clear intent of striking back at me and negatively impacting my listing. Anyone with half a brain can easily discern what listing she is referring to as we have the only two auction style listings for this bag.

    Has anyone ever had this happen.... this public 'slap' by a copycat after you reported them?


  2. How stupid. She knows what she did was wrong, she wants to make it seem like SHE would let anyone use her listing text so you should too.
  3. I know. I can't believe after more than 7 years on ebay that this stuff still surprises me. ~bleah~

    Funny that she mentions only 'measurements' (which minimizes what she copied - it was my itemized description of the bag's attributes) and leaves out the other lines she filched.
  4. I just hope that's all she's dishonest about, for the sake of her potential buyers!!

    Sorry this happened to you. It really IS maddening.
  5. I hate to say it, but it's typical behavior from a jerk who was caught stealing your ad copy and is trying to save face in any pathetic, stupid way she can! In the end, it's irritating, but the important thing--having her remove what she stole--was accomplished. As long as she doesn't put it back up, have a laugh at her dumb listing and enjoy the fact that justice was done!
  6. Ugh...someone did this to me before, copied my auction word for word, and pictures. They just used a different font!:cursing:
    Although, i reported it, the auction was removed immediately, and the seller apologised for taking my pics and words.
    Sounds to me like a truly guilty conscience.:yes:
    Sorry to hear you're having such a nightmare!:heart:
  7. Send us her name..we'll all copy her text during the next year. We'll send her thank you notes. Then lets see how she feels.
  8. OMG I love it!! :roflmfao: Somehow I don't think she'd be too thrilled about that! Sounds to me like someone got their hand caught in the cookie jar and instead of being an adult about it decided to get all uppity for new reason. Hang in there and don't let her pettiness affect you.
  9. ~cackling madly~

    Hysterical!! My husband is on the other side of the house wondering why I'm laughing like a loon all alone in the office! :roflmfao:

    Thanks each and every one of you for your support!
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. Have all your friends continuously send her tons of questions about the bag.
    Bombard her w/ all kinds of questions.
    Make her work more. Request she email more photos (what does it look like on the shoulder? Can I have a close up of .......... etc etc)
    Make it look like she has all sorts of interest from potential buyers.