A new love...

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  1. :toung: Gals, I love this bag, but dang! The price tag on this baby...
    Bottega Veneta 2680.jpg
  2. Hmmm Bottega... makes me drool like Homer over 64 slices of American cheese.
  3. I love that one too!! When I got to go to their store and see the bags up close, I fell in love biggggg time :love:
  4. BUY! BUY! BUY! :smile: hehe
  5. ^^^werd do it! :biggrin:

  6. It's BEEUTIFUL!
  7. Don't know how anyone else feels about going to the stores and checking out bags, but that's something I will only do by myself. I like to walk around several times to make sure that I didn't miss anything and savor all that I see and touch. :love:

    So I don't want to be reverent of anyone else's schedule, but my own! :biggrin:
  8. oh my i am luving the new weaved styled bags
  9. I love how it's so detailed. Quality, quality, quality! It has it :smile: