A new love .....

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  1. It's actually pretty cute. I'm not a fan of their "logo" line, but this isn't too bad. What color combination would you get?
  2. I'm not a fan of their logo line either but this one has much potential. :smile:
  3. LOVE the duck. I saw a lady with one of those old D&Bs the other day and it was pretty cool. i think its a cute bag, personally.
  4. I love the duck too! I have seen these and like them! Let us know what you decide my vote is yes!
  5. This is so far the ONLY D&B bag that I actually like. It must be the cute lil "duck"! Get it.

    Is it made of leather or nylon? I can't tell from the picture.
  6. I can do without the duck :biggrin: but its still a cute bag.
  7. I like it too! I saw a pretty tan-colored bucket type bag from them. I think they have some nice bags
  8. It is leather...I am so torn on the color...I'm thinking the one on the link I posted...probably black...descsions... decisions...

    Thanks for the opinions :smile:
  9. I like it. I bet the black is cuter. I couldn't see the bag in the other colors. Great everyday bag.
  10. Oh I like the duck, so cute !
  11. oh i do like this bag, it looks like it would fit lots in it :smile:
  12. Finally, a nice-looking D&B bag! Much, much better than their logo line!
  13. Ok you all twisted my arm...I'm going for it...