A new little H goody and a fun lunch hour!

  1. Okay, so I met my mom for lunch today at PF Chang's.

    She knows I've recently become H-Obsessed and she's less than thrilled, let me tell you! Anyway, she also knew I was running low on my Chanel Chance, and told me to go ahead and pick out a new perfume at Sephora, which is at the mall where PF's is. So of course, I make a beeline for the H perfumes.

    This was funny; an SA came up to me and asked if I needed help, and I told her to direct me toward the Hermes perfumes, so she did, and I picked up the bottle of Kelly Caléché. She sighed and said "Oh, I just love that fragrance. It smells like MONEY!"

    Am I the only one who thought that was a little gauché? Maybe I'm too sensitive. But I was like :wtf: then smiled and said it smelled wonderful.

    Anyway! Sephora will pull samples of perfumes for you, so I had them make me up a couple of small spray samples-- Un Jardin sur le Nil and Mediterranie, as well as the new Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance-- it smells lovely! But I had to go with the Kelly Caléché. It's so subtle and sexy and refined! When the lovely H girls here sent me my scarf, Hermés included a sample of the Kelly and I've been hooked since!

    Anyway, so I handed it to my mom, who groaned and said "why do you always pick the most expensive thing in the store?" I laughed and said that I picked the cheap bottle, the big one was well over $100. So we paid, then went over to Coach, where they have new brass hardware on their charms, so I picked up a couple for my damier Speedy-- the leather on them matches LV canvas! Woohoo! My mom paid for them and got herself a scarf... she said she was proud of me for opening a savings account and that I deserved a little treat. I'm so happy!

    Anyway, so a nice little excursion for my lunch. I'm sitting here sniffing myself :shame: This Kelly Caléché smells SO WONDERFUL! And I LOVE how the palladium kelly-lock-hook-thing turns to open and close the sprayer! I have this weird thing with cool perfume bottles. I love them. Do any of you have this fragrance? I know it's just a little H goody... but I'm excited; to me there is no "little" Hermes! OK, so there's my rambling story for the day.

    Here's a couple pics:



  2. Lunch and shopping with your Mom, how wonderful. Congrats on your new goodies!
  3. Fun day! Congrats on your new goodies!!!
  4. how I'm going to go and sniff the Kelly Caleche . . .
    Is it floral money or spicey money ?
  5. It's floral and leather money :graucho:
  6. What a wonderful day you have with your mom :smile: love your new goodies... specially your twilly ;)
  7. Sarah- I just love your enthusiasm for the world of Hermes that lies ahead of you.
    Congrats on your perfume. :heart:
  8. Great goodies! I can't wait to try out that perfume now. :smile:
  9. I wish my wallet was as big as my eyes! :graucho:
  10. Congrats!
  11. Stylish and smelling fab - you go girl!
  12. Sounds like Mom will come around. You're right--there are no insignificant H items. I'd be taken aback by the SA's comment about Kelly Caleche too! I think that's become a very popular scent for Hermes.
  13. Congrats! Very cute use of those Coach letters on your Speedy!
  14. I thought maybe I was being oversensitive :shame: But I was just like, "that sounds so..." I guess gauché is the best word for it.

    She said it was extremely popular. They only had 2 of the 1.6oz bottles left (of which I got one) and one of the big bottles!

    I'm such a dork, I swear. I just felt so pretty and luxe and special when I left the store smelling like Kelly Caléché and carrying my speedy with my H scarf. Isn't it crazy how these little things can just make you feel so good about yourself? Like the first time I wore Chanel perfume. You just feel like a star with a great bag, an H scarf and H perfume (or Chanel even, whatever)! Or maybe it's just me, because I'm a nerd :shame:
  15. Ugh, that is just tacky. :confused1: I dont know about you girls, but I have smelled money and it kind of smells like a homeless person. I dont think thats what Hermes was going for.