A new kind of ball bag

  1. I went to my BV store today to take another look at the ball bag and the new colours for fall. A nice orangy red and a peachy colour, and some new neutrals.

    The sa said that they won't be ordering in the ball bag in the new colours but I could pay in full and they will order it in. I was quite disappointed (and a little put off - is this store a franchise?)

    He then proceeded to show me something new - a ball bag, with different straps! I asked him what is it called, he said they don't have a name for it so they just called it the new ball bag. No pics, sorry, I'm not brave enough to whip out my phone and do it in front of him.

    It is a nice change. So now I have something else to agonise over.
  2. LOL...don't drive yourself too crazy!
  3. I hope someone can come up with the name!!
  4. Ooo, can you describe the new straps? Is it flat like the Campana or braided like the Cocker? Inquiring minds!
  5. Oooh! I was at the store (Paragon) yesterday too! Don't remember seeing this new style of Bag bag though. I was looking more at the accessories and the Ottone Cabat :tender:

    The BV stores in Singapore aren't franchises. They're owned and directly operated by Gucci Group Singapore. I imagine that the store can only order in a bag (or anything other product for that matter) from other regions when they've had a confirmed order (paid in full), otherwise the store will be stuck with the item if you decide to back out - just a thought :shrugs:

    But now you've got my attention, and I have a new excuse to drop by the store again to check out the new style. Which Fall/Winter colour are you looking to get it in? ;)
  6. I was at the taka store, a young chap showed me as I was the only customer around. I think he remembers me, I keep going to ask about the ball bag!

    I found a similar pic as to the one I saw. It was in the normal braided leather, the straps are similar but the new ball has the structure of the ball bag at the bottom.


    I'm sitting on the fence with this one!

    Nymph, I do like the new red, but I was thinking of it in the small venetta. However I am put off by the price and the fact that there would be a sale later on. I'd prefer to shop with no worries and regrets, you know what I mean? Like If I buy other brands, I won't have buyer's regret when there is a price drop.
  7. A SA in Hong Kong told me that they might be phasing out the existing Ball bag after this season. The new Ball bag has leather-wrapped rings like the Sloane, but the stitching on the body of the Ball bag will still be there. On the subject of phasing out, she also told me that the Blonde (camel) colour might replace Noce as a staple colour, but that head office hadn't decided on that yet.
  8. I saw the new ball bag at the Paragon boutique today, in the new fall green colour, which is like a forest green. The bag has the shape of the ball but the body is not as tall. And the handle is like the Sloane's, wide broad strap with wrapped rings. The new ball also doesn't have the different compartments like the old ball. It has a buckle across the top of the bag like the Campana. In short, the new ball it's like a fusion of the ball, sloane and campana!
  9. Oooh, I'm loving the new Camel colour. It's like yummy caramel. Imo it is a great neutral just like Limo. My take is that Limo is a cool colour whilst Camel is warm. Both are easy to wear and great all year round.

    And I was just thinking at the boutique this new colour would be great as a classic. ;)
  10. ^ oh no, but I love the noce..... wow, should get my veneta soon then.
  11. This sounds great! I need to check this out...
  12. I actually saw the new Ball in the store yesterday: it does look like a hybrid between the sloane, ball and campana!

    It has the sloane's single compartment -- the original ball's four pockets have gone away, and it's just one big open compartment. It does have an interior removeable pouch, zippered.

    It has the campana's opening i.e., no flaps like the sloane, but a buckle strap.

    It has the sloane's rings but from what I could see they are not leather wrapped? not sure about this last tho...can someone else confirm?

    and the model i saw did not have the curved seams of the original ball.

    To be honest I prefer the outside of the current ball and the inside of the new ball!!
  13. Ms piggy, exactly like you described!

    honey88, Yup the rings are not leather wrapped.
  14. ^^ Heh, I guess I was so very distracted by the new Camel colour that I must have remembered the rings wrongly :rolleyes: Whilst I think the new ball is actually nicer in comparison to the ball, still not a fan of it.
  15. hm..... so the new ball only has 1 big compartment?
    I dont like that.... well... i guess it is another reason to keep the ball bags that i have now then....