A New Kelly Shoulder Bag??

  1. I visited my H store today to pick up my refurbished birkin. When there an elegant woman walks in (I had noticed her already in the Neimans) with her DH. She had a shoulder bag that appeared to be a long and narrow kelly style. The bag had should straps attached with gold loops and no smaller handle. It was open on top (I did not see a top flap even folded inside) but with the distinctive kelly straps. It looked like orange swift with gold hardware. One of the SAs (who is not the sweetest) ran up to her and asked something like "What is that bag? Did you get it in Europe?" All that I heard of her answer w/o being nosy was "It's a kelly bag."

    What gives? Is this a new style?
  2. It may have been the Kelly sport
    I am sorry I do not have a photo of that bag but one of the reputable sellers on the recomended list does have one on E bay
  3. No Ardneish I'm sure was not a kelly sport. It had gold loops that attached the shoulder strap to the side of the bag and it looked far more refined or elegant than the sport.
  4. Kelly danse?
  5. Sounds like the Kelly Danse!:tup:
  6. Does anyone have a picture?? Maybe we could do a Sticky of pictures of the little know H bags??!!
  7. Does anyone have a photo of this? Would be good to have for our reference library ... and to satisfy my curious mind!! Are these still made? Were they big during a period of time and then popularity dwindled??
  8. When did that come out? It looks kinda like the vintage Kelly shoulder bag
  9. thanks, MrsS - I like that, very sleek...
  10. Thanks for the site and pictures within MrsS.

    This was not what I saw. The only reason I thought it might be something new is that the SA practically ran over to it and asked what it was.
  11. ^^ FDL, that's exactly the one that came to mind from sus's description -- i bet you're right:

  12. 1kelly-sport-recto-rouge.jpg
  13. ^^ hmmm, that would fit the long and narrow part of the description better.

    oh, and the open on top part, too. i think you nailed it H&H!