A New Journey : Complete newbie and her very first (small) orange box...

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  1. Hello, I'm a total newbie to H. Bottega Veneta subforum has been my home since I joined tpf. I've always been an admirer of H (albeit from a distance) ever since I forayed into 'designer' (don't quite like the sound of that but for lack of a better word) purses. My love of luxury (better?) bags really stems from the appreciation of top notch leather being transformed/created into well made bags via outstanding workmanship with no compromise. Bags with no frills, no bells and whistles, no fancy designs, just quiet elegant and refinement showcasing the best of leather and workmanship. In that light i'm a fan of BV, Tod's and Valextra. I was going to leave H untouched for a while as my ultimate peak in my purse universe. But I figured now is just as good a time to began my H journey.

    The idea of venturing into the H world is both terribly exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There's just so much to learn. I made my very first purchase early this week but have been hesitating in sharing here as it's only a small item in comparision to the wealth of H pieces here. Believe it or not, we have a thread in BV sharing our non-BV buys and the encouragement and warmth I received from the few H cum BV aficionados have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you Lucy, catabie, bprimuslevy and ebruo for making me feel less of an intruder/outsider looking in.

    My apology for the lengthy and wordy post. I suppose it's time to show some pics? Thanks for letting me share and I hope to be present more in this forum. Please do pardon me if I appear ignorant or mundane along my new journey.
  2. Now I suppose some pics of my first orange box and its inhibitant would be good. :rolleyes:


  3. A scarf..??
  4. That's my guess too?
  5. wooohooo! let's see!
  6. Here she is, in all her glory. My very first H scarf in Projets de Carre (sp) print, as I was informed.

    H scarve.jpg
  7. gorgeous!!!! fab scarf (i have the same one in another colorway) and LOVELY color! i think your scarf obsession may have started.... :smile:
  8. Thanks hlfinn, you may be quite right as I am already thinking of my next one. Which colourway did you get?
  9. You're welcome, ms piggy, and I'm so glad you decided to start posting here. :smile:
  10. ms piggy - Welcome to the H Forum!
    Your new H scarf is lovely. I love the colourway.
    I am sure this will be the first of many orange boxes for you.
    Please join in on the posting :smile:
  11. Lovely scarf!! I am also very new in the Hermes world, but it has been a long crush from afar. I only have two small items and a bag is still a long way and a few years of savings away. glad to see more newbies in here!
  12. Beautiful! Welcome. :smile:
  13. Lucy, you're a major inspiration to me. Not only is your collection stunning, you're absolutely wonderful. I'm so glad to have met you in tpf.
  14. :shame:Oh my gosh, thank you for such kind words, ms piggy! I'm so glad I've been able to help you.

    This is just the beginning... :flowers:
  15. PennyD2911, pinkladyapple - Thanks for the warm welcome. I just fell in love with the peach pink colour and the equestrian print.

    Mai Britt - Good to hear i'm not the only new one around. We shall work together in achieving our first bag.