a new husband and a new bag (or two) for Frankiextah! - bag 1 :D

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  1. i haven't been on TPF much at all for the past few months due to having to plan my wedding myself (refused to hire a planner), moving back to NYC from Hong Kong, moving into a new apartment 6 weeks before the wedding, getting married and going on the honeymoon !

    got married on 9/18 and since then (as in the past 2 weeks hehe) i was lucky enough to score 2 new bags !

    just received the 1st one today from Erica - FW 2010 Bleu Roi RGGH Town!

    i fell in love for this shape ever since this style came out... i've been using the black RGGH town every day since i got her in April, and now it's completely broken in !

    i guess now she can finally take a rest :P

    and it's nice to be finally able to sit down to reply to emails, and check back in on TPF to see how everyone is doing ! :love:

    here she is !



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  2. beautiful color!! congrats!
  3. as you can see i already took the liberty to double up the long strap - i love wearing it over my shoulders !

    this bag's got really nice and mildly distressed wrinkles... looking forward to breaking her in !

    i will take more photos under natural daylight tomorrow, stay tuned ! :biggrin:


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  4. Congratulation on your wedding......and moving countries....and planning the wedding....WOW!!...you have been one very busy lady!!

    Your BR RGGH Town looks lovely, enjoy wearing her & am looking forward to seeing your other new bag!....any hints???? :biggrin:
  5. thankyou capbaggirl - it's a UHG (ultimate HG) for me !! it was discovered through Bal LV's David (amazing SA) - he ordered it from Bal LA for me ... it's being shipped out today from his store and should arrive to me by Wednesday or Thursday ! one hint - it's a 2010 bag !! can't wait !
  6. First congrats on your wedding! Second congrats on your blue roi RGGH town very cute.

    I can't wait to see your second bag. Since you hinted it's a 2010 bag the guessing game begins. I'm going to guess Canard PT?
  7. congrats on your two new goodies, not to mention your major goodie=new hubby!!!!
  8. many congrats on your wedding and everything else....plus of course your blue roi RGGH town as well, it's gorgeous!

  9. thankyou everyone ! and yes, pixie the guessing game is on!! it's not canard, though i did debate between canard and bleu roi when i decided on the rggh town !
  10. Congratulations on all your new things in life!
  11. wow congratulations, what a beauty! I kept looking at this combo on hgbags, but it got snapped up before I even got chance to think about buying it lol, I love the town, how are you finding the style?
  12. congrats on your wedding & your Town is beautiful...I so want to try a Town some day...:smile:
  13. Congrats on your wedding :smile: and the bag too, it must be a good year for you
  14. Your last months are been very busy and full of news! First of all, congrats on your wedding! And congrats on your BR rggh town too, I would like to see mod pics with the double up strap.
    Waiting for your second reveal :graucho:
  15. Congrats on your marriage, and your lovely new Bals! Some mod pics of your Town would be fab if you have time :smile: