A new handbag to replace my Celine mini

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I need to buy a new handbag (actually two but I am already set on one). I don't know what to chose, I already own a:
    - Celine luggage mini, bicolor beige/blue in goatskin
    - Celine nano in black smooth leather with GHW
    - Chanel Boy in black quilted lambskin with GHW

    The mini use to be my everyday bag but since I go out a lot with my baby, I cant carry both the diaper bag and the mini so I am using the nano almost on a daily basis and I need one or two other bag so I can swich.
    I already ordered a Louis Vuitton Alma bb in fuschia epi and im thinking of selling my mini since I don't carry it anymore.
    So I need something to replace it and was debating between these shoulder/crossbody:

    -Celine: Belt bag
    - YSL: baby cabas or small university
    - Givenchy: pandora box or mini antigona
    - Chanel: a WOC
    - Balenciaga : mini city
    - Louis Vuitton: Lockme II bb

    I know, thats a lot to chose from and thats why I need your help!
    Thanks a lot
  2. Here they are

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  3. I like the Celine, but it seems a lot bigger than the other choices. The Pandora Box is really cute. It is a little edgy and cool.

    If you truly carry very little, go for the WOC - but they are tiny. I barely fit a phone and a key fob and lip gloss. I can only use it for nights out.

    The only other suggestion that I have is the Hermes Evelyn TPM. I have the GM size. The wide strap is very comfortable, especially compared to Chanel chains or LV glazed leather when worn cross body.
  4. Thank you for your feedback
    The belt bag is bigger than the others but it has a strap so it's fine, the only thing about this bag is that I don't think it's classic enough.
    As for the Evelyn, I really do not like the style.
    I want something that can fit more than a phone and a lipstick that's why I am not sure about WOCs
  5. If you still love your mini why not get a nano?

    From your choices above, I am partial to the Celine or Givenchy pandora box. However, the Bal city will probably be the easiest and most carefree since it is a light weight, unstructured bag that only looks better with use.
  6. I already own a nano
    You're right, city is cute and perfect for a daily use

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  7. I own a small Givenchy Antigona and I highly recommend! It's sturdy and surprisingly spacious. Then again, I also love the YSL baby cabas! It's a tough decision!
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  8. I think the Givenchy Pandora Box fits your needs!