a new H bag....I just love it.

  1. okay so I picked up my new H bag on Friday...wore her all weekend.

    anyone want to guess what it is??? I know many ladies know!!
  2. Is this ur version of a striptease?? LOL!:p SPILL!!!!
  3. Show us Miss M!!
  4. getting used to being with me...
  5. lol hmm is it a birkin?
  6. coming out for a peek.
  7. C'mon, spill! :sweatdrop:

    In the meantime, pass the popcorn please!
  8. getting a bit warmer...
  9. not birkin yet....but I do have a beauty coming in for the fall. but ....something else.
  10. getting a little unwound...a little loose. my little stripper.
    opps lost her top.JPG
  11. oh yeah totally in the nude....
  12. [​IMG]
    Absolutely gorgeous guccigal, will you model it for us please?
  13. Beautiful GG - congrats :drinkup:
  14. Stunning, guccigal! What a great color!

  15. thanks all! I took her to my vacation weekend...this weekend. so much fun to carry. so easy.....love it. its like a marshmellow...I love swift leather