A NEW Goodie that isn't shown in the Catalog (Small, but OH SO CUTE!!)...

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  1. First of all, I went back to the Outlet today and was extremely disappointed in their selection. Guess they are not getting any great new stuff in before this big holiday weekend. BUMMER! I was hoping to find patchwork & scribble and scarves and they didn't have ANY :tdown::tdown:
    So...feeling very dissatisfied, I decided to hit the Boutique to see if there was a last minute PCE purchase that I should make! :graucho: I went and saw my FAVORITE Manager (Erica)! She and I talked for a long time. I told her I was looking for a bag that is not too small and not too big and not too heavy. I ended up bringing home the Chelsea Pebbled Leather Hobo. It squishes & hugs your body just like my Ergo Tote!!! LOVE IT!
    Well, I was glancing around the store and eyed something of a CRIMSON Hue!!!!!:nuts: Erica said they just got it in and it is part of one of the new lines that is not out yet, but is in the catalog. Anywho...it's a Khaki Sig Mini Skinny with red, CRIMSON TRIM!!!! It goes PERFECTLY with my Red Leather Hobo (THANK YOU, SARAH!!:heart:). I also have my new MONKEY Fob (Outlet Purchase) on the bag - the 3 look SOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER!! YIPPY!
    IMG_2355.JPG IMG_2356.JPG
  2. Oops...here are pics of my new Chelsea Hobo...
    IMG_2359.JPG IMG_2358.JPG IMG_2360.JPG IMG_2362.JPG IMG_2363.JPG
  3. That is so cute. Congradulations!
  4. Thats really cute!
  5. super cute! you carry that bag very well! I love it!
  6. ooooooooh........red.......my new favorite color.....:drool:
  7. LOVING that color!
  8. The monkey is perfect on that bag. :yes: Too cute!
  9. What an adorable crimson trio!
  10. I love the red hobo! I think I used to have a very similar bag to that one...it was great! Why did I sell it???
  11. What color is your new hobo? It looks black in two pictures and purple in two pictures. It's really pretty.
  12. Yeah...the lighting in that bathroom is not good. It is the BLACK Pebbled Leather Chelsea Hobo - the first two pictures are more true to the color.
    And...Thank you!!
  13. Love your new Chelsea! I love the clasp on the top. Your crimson skinny is a great accessory.
  14. That looks so great on you!!!! You wear it VERY well. And the monkey on that red bag is so fitting - now i'm wishing I would've grabbed one at my outlet!
  15. holy moly, they match! what a great find!! i love it when that happens. hehe, i like how the monkey looks like it's hanging on a limb. ahhh, it's so adorable. haha, where did its banana go.hehehehe.
    i LOVE your matching set now. way to gooo!!