~a New Found Love~

  1. OK! so I missed the package because I was in the shower lol... I grabbed the "we missed you" slip and tracked down the mailman lol... I got it, ran home and ripped it open.. I had no idea that the mens day was so beautiful!!! Its stunning, the features and everything about it is just so perfect!!! I purchased it for my internship this summer and I needed a break from LV. Here are the pics of my new baby!! I love how big it is =)

  2. I will take more pics in a bit!!
  3. Very nice. That will be a great bag for you to carry in the city.

    Now, I don't know you, but I had a great visual of a determined Bal fan tracking down the mailman to get his package :yes:
  4. hahah I missed the package by minutes and I saw him pull our of my block LOL.. I chased him down =)
  5. [​IMG]
  6. That's gorgeous! I wish there was a ladies messenger where the straps were long enough to wear cross-body. I tried the Flat Messenger and the straps were a little too short, then I tried the Men's messenger (like yours) and the straps were too long. *sigh* I felt like Goldilocks and have yet to find one that is juuuuuust right. Congrats and enjoy your new :heart:. :tup:
  7. We want modeling pics!!! Hey, nice bag, FashionMike!!! Congrats to you! Yea, seems like a lot of us former LV lovers have been in the Bal forum lately-lol!!

  8. HAHAH I still love LV!! I've just added a new love to my list =) I will take modeling pics tonight =)
  9. gorgeous mike! congrats!
  10. I did a modeling pic LOL... ignore my sloppyness

  11. whoo hoo! first post in the Balenciaga forum! GREAT bag Mike, it looks awesome on you. Glad you got it =) Now you're all set for your internship!
  12. Way cool bag! Is it linen?
  13. I think so lol it's got fabric and a leather bottom and around everything else
  14. Looks great!! :tup:
  15. thanks everyone... I just put him back in his dust bag and he is now next too all his LV friends =)