1. Anyone going into Hermes today? What are the price differences? Did you buy?
  2. In particular, new USD prices for

    31 mou clemence bolide with PH (was $5K, now ??)

    35 togo or clemence birkin with PH (was (7200, now ??)

    28 retourne togo kelly with PH (was $5450, now ??)

    32 retourne togo kelly with PH (was $5750, now ??)

    Thanks. Yes I know, 5 to 10-% was rumored, but does anyone have the specific prices for these items yet?
  3. OOPs sorry Twomuchlux - I think we posted at the same time, I didnt mean to duplicate your post.
  4. I'm curious about the up-to-date price of a 31cm Bolide in Mysore Chevre :biggrin: Go figure :biggrin:

    I can't go to Hermes today ;_; I have the day off from classes because of snow...but this is SC, we don't handle snow well, there have already been 50 accidents (dead serious) in my county and 20+ in Charlotte >_>
  5. $5 for scarves; no change for cashmere/silk shawls per my SA.
  6. Will be going to H today to pick up a lil something something so will report back w/ the price increases, but like said in another post, the price increase affects bags, RTW, shoes, and silk scarves for today. Small leather accessories will take affect Feb 15th.
  7. The price hikes over here in SG took place last week.

    30cm porosus: was ~USD26,000. NOW > USD32,500 (25% UP) :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  8. i hear a 32 cm togo kelly went from 5900 to 5950.

    can't get to H either cos of the same snow as Neeya. boo hoo! ;)
  9. i heard five dollar increase for scarves. three dollars for ties.
  10. ^^^Pigleto, the website this morning shows scarves at $325, up exactly $5 from yesterday. I didn't think to check ties.
  11. oh, really? i oughta check it out (runs to check on the CDC)

    the ties are mostly 148 now (up from 145). the Collier de chien is still the same price, but i think there will be another round of increases in a few weeks.
  12. In Paris, they're 3850euros and were 3550 (if my memory works) before the increase.
  13. *sigh*
    I wish I had been able to find the color combo I wanted a couple of weeks ago. I think I'll just wait until I win the lottery now.