A new cruise bag!

  1. Hello everyone! Well, I finally have something to post! I just got this cute bag yesterday and it was not even planned for! You see, I was carrying my lambskin flap bag and had some cuticle oil stained on it (i just had my manicure done) I was so horrified and luckily I was in the same building as where Chanel is and popped over quickly to get it fixed.

    This lovely SA helped me to dry it out almost nicely except for a teeny spot which i think i could live with. So, anyhow, she was telling me about this cruise bag and I thought y not because the first thing that came to mind was, HEY, i can finally have a bag to match my red shoes =)

    Tell me what you guys think!
    chanel cruise 06.JPG lulu guiness shoes.JPG
  2. Hi Princess.. First welcome to the forum :smile:

    I'm glad you had your bag fixed, i can only imagine the horror!!!!

    congratulations on your new bag! Its beautiful :smile:
  3. very cute!
    love your new cruise flap
  4. ohh i love it!!!! i love the fun prints that Chanel does!

    hot shoes, hot bag! and like pinkish_love said, WELCOME!
  5. thank you for the welcome! i'm really looking forward to carrying the bag coz it's fabric so it should be much easier to look after! After the horrifying incident with my lambskin flap i'm now rather paranoid:smile:
  6. Cute! I like your shoes also. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Cute bags and I LOVE your shoes! I have a soft spot for red accessories:heart:
  8. What a cute, happy-looking bag! May I ask what the retail is?
    Have fun swinging that baby around town!
  9. So cute! love the shoes too!

  10. What's the retail on the bag? I love it!!! Is it equivalent to a medium classic?
  11. Congrats on your new bag. The shoes are TDF.
  12. congrats, cute bag and nice shoes.
  13. The dimensions are about 11" x 6" x 2" close to the size of the medium flap,
    bought it in Singapore for S$1820 which works out to ~US$1150 i think :yes:
  14. that bag is so cute! congrats
  15. Woah, this bag is wild, so cute ! Congrats ! :yes: