A new computer - which one????? help

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  1. I currently have a Dell Inspiron 700 - I'm thinking of getting a new one, wireless, small and high quality to replace it (it's getting old in computer years) - Does anyone know what the newer version of this unit would be? I don't want to get "sold" by a Dell agent without an idea of what to get. Should I go Apple? so much fuss about them. TIA so much.
  2. i would say go for apple :yes:
    i've bee using apple for years and nver once it disappoint me!

    a mac book would be a great choice!
  3. Pretty much everyone in here will tell you to go with Apple. I'd go into the Apple store, try one out, then figure out which one you prefer.

    Personally, I've yet to see any real advantages of owning an Apple. I keep my PC on 24/7 and it never crashes, nor gets viruses. I simply upgrade as time passes.

    Question...why do you need to upgrade? Is it going slow? Have you maxed out the memory yet? If not, a memory upgrade is a cheap and easy way to gain performance.
  4. I am biased towards Apple, so a Mac will always be my first choice. Go to your local Apple store and play with one. They also have free classes at the stores that you can attend, I doubt that owning a Mac is a requirement. If you want an all-in-one, the new iMacs are gorgeous, if you want to use your current monitor, check out the Mac Minis, they have any incredibly small footprint.
  5. What kind of time passes? You keep it on 24/7? OMG I would be sure I was exhausting my laptop if I did that. BTW, Do you know if keeping it on "standby" instead of completely shutting down makes a difference? TIA
  6. Definitely go for Mac!! Ever since I bought my iBook a couple years ago, I will NEVER go back to microsoft. I can't say enough good about Apple. It won't dissapoint you!
  7. Sorry, I come from Microsoft-land and I'm a PC girl all the way. I have owned nothing but Dell desktops/laptops since I made my first purchase 8 years ago and they have never let me down for work or home equipment.

    I have an Inspiron E1705 laptop, purchased spring 2006. I love it. It's a little big for laptops so I don't intend for it to be portable, but I love the huge screen, performance, stability.
  8. I am a PC person too -- hope to see some PC recommendations here as I am thinking of a new laptop as well.
  9. I was always a devoted PC girl until I very excitedly bought a brand new, top-of-the-line HP with Vista on it 6 months ago. I cursed the thing every day I had it, Vista is a terrible piece of software that had bad bugs no matter how many times I tried to update or troubleshoot. I don't blame HP at all - I didn't have any hardware issues, it was all Vista. After 6 months of fighting with it, I finally bit the bullet and bought a MacBook Pro - I knew I could format the existing machine and reinstall XP, but I was so irritated with Microsoft that I didn't want to give them any more business. I'm still getting used to how Mac works, but it seems very intuitive to me and I've yet to get any sort of error message or have the thing spontaneously restart on me.

    the macbooks are quite small and light, look in to those!
  10. I have both WinXP on Sony desktop and Intel-based iMac. I prefer PC since can run a lot more apps on PC. I vote for Sony desktop/laptop.

    Vista is still relatively new. Some of my existing software can't run on Vista. I try to avoid Vista for as long as I can.
  11. I will admit that MS released Vista way too early. It's a piece of poop, but they are constantly releasing patches and with everyone it gets more stable. It's certainly not as bad as it was when it was released.

    OP, you didn't answer what you meant by it's getting old? Is it too slow? Is your memory maxed out?

    Also, right now, Dell has a PC with a widescreen flat panel monitor for $499
  12. It sounds like you want a thin, light notebook. None of the Aple noteboks are terribly light, although there are rumours that they are working on on a sub four pounder.

    If price is not an issue, I would take a look at the new Sony SZ650 series...approx four pounds with a DVD/CD built in. I found the TZ series too small, but the SZ650 really hits a sweet spot.
  13. I vote for a MAC too ..just got my MBP after using a Vaio for a while ..love it. I would go to the Apple store and try them out...if you are unsure then get the Dell:tup: You have to ensure you purchase the correct one for your needs.