A new colour guessing game for you

  1. That's right, I just love playing with swatches. It's the same idea as on http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/hey-kymara-name-them-all-182868.html
    except this time a more interesting shape. A grid is a little better for when you want to name your colours, though! I guess we can just go in a clockwise direction from the top!

    Here it is:
    Don't forget to name the year if the name was used twice!
  2. Okay Kymara, let's see.

    Ink, Greige 06, Khaki 04, Rouille 06, Pewter 05, Blue India, Grey 2006, Ivory, Sapin, Cognac, Aqua, Black, Rouge Vermillion, Blueberry, Marron 06, Sandstone, Emerald 03
  3. ink, griege, anis, rouille
    white, pine, blue india, steel
    marron, anthracite, caramel, aquamarine,
    mastic, rouge, indigo, lilac 04
  4. ^^ oops me and b_brit have done it differently. just to clarify i started from the top each time and went clockwise from there.

    hope it isnt too confusing.
  5. Ink 06, Gris Fonce 06, Olive 05 (i'm not good with the neutrals...), Sienna 07, Pewter 05, Blue India 06, Anthracite 07, Perle 06, Emerald 06, Caramel 05, Aqua 07, Sandstone 07, Rouve Vif 06, Marine 07, Cognac 06, Seafoam 04
  6. Ooops I shouldn't have gone to make tea. Rightio:
    Balenciaga_Brit: 5
    lohtlorien14 I'll work it out ;) but which rouille?
    KDC help I have to look up what you mean by perle, be right back!
  7. KDC: also 5
  8. I love these!!!!!
  9. Ink. Greige. Olive 05. Rouge vermillin. Metallic Bronze. Blue india. Plomb. White. Emerald 03. Caramel 05. Truffle 06. Mastic. True red. Blueberry. Turquoise 04.
  10. oops you missed some colours on the spiral. After the one you guessed as Caramel 05 should be a blue-y colour, then a very dark one, (then a red one etc)
    Here's one with numbers on it:
  11. gonna give it a shot altho i really don't know much.. heh

    1. Ink
    2. Natural (or Calcaire?)
    3. Anis
    4. Sienna
    5. Truffle
    6. Aquamarine
    7. Plomb
    8. White
    9. Sapin
    10. Caramel
    11. Cornflower
    12. Black
    13. True Red
    14. Indigo
    15. Sandstone
    16. Mastic
    17. Seafoam
  12. glossie: also 5! it's the magic number
  13. Clockwise from top:

    05 chocolate brown, 05 grey, 04 khaki, 06 rouille, 04/05 bronze, 06 blue india, 07 anthracite, 05 calcaire, sapin, 06 caramel, aquamarine, marron foncé, rouge vif, blueberry, 06 truffle, sandstone, 03 emerald
  14. Oops! For 11 I say cornflower and 12 Vert fonce :smile:
  15. Gonatcha: 9 ;)
    slinks: 7