A New Coach that retails for $998??

  1. Hi Coach Girls,

    I am popping in from the Chloe forum to inquire about a *supposed* Coach bag I saw in a magazine yesterday. I was getting a pedicure and can't even be sure what I was reading... maybe Lucky or More? Anyway, there was a brown leather bag, on the large side, very little hardware (maybe a turnlock near the top) and it was kind of a bulbus shape meant to be worn on the shoulder. It looked to be a very nice leather . It was identified at Coach, costing $998. I have a Coach bag or two, but I've never seen anything like this one and I've never seen one so expensive. Clues? TIA! :smile:
  2. yea it was in lucky. It's the Maude XL Ergo leather tote and it's supposedly really big.
  3. It's the XL Mauve Ergo tote. It's dimensions are 18Lx15Hx6W and is vachetta leather.
  4. aaah, i LOVE this bag.

    didn't cha cha buy it?!
  5. They're back in stock and they're shipping them out!:yahoo:
  6. I believe so. I think actually a couple of gals have splurged on this one! Hope they share pics with us!
  7. That bag is beautiful!! i love that leather.
  8. I saw a pix of it too and it is soo pretty!!
  9. it's gorgeous, but it's huge!! the ergo large tote is the perfect size IMO.
  10. yeah it's my dream bag and if i fell on my face into a grand or 2, i would think about it, but id have a problem spending that much on ANY bag... i want that thing in turquoise way bad :yes:
  11. I think it looks really good, but I have a problem seeing a Coach bag for 1k.

    Please don't get me wrong, I LOVE Coach, it's the only designer brand I have, BUT it's Coach...

    I can't say it any better than what I saw someone (her userID escapes me) post in another thread that Coach is high end, but it's on the low end of the high end brand spectrum...

    If I had 1k to spend on a bag I'd rather spend it on a higher end bag that doesn't have vachetta leather. Maybe Prada/Louis Vuitton/Dior, etc.

    Just my .02
  12. I have one coming. If it't too big, it gives me reason to get the scarf print ergo hobo and maybe the leather ergo...
  13. This bag was featured on the Today show on 3/16/07. It is huge! It needs mentioning that this bag is referred to as the "Maude". However, if you search that on coach.com, it pulls nothing up. The exact name of the tote is the "Ergo Vintage Leather XL Tote" item #10787. Available in stores on the 30th of March.

    I also agree that if I was to drop a grand on a bag it would be LV or Prada, not Coach.
  14. Some of Coach's Limited Edition bags are more than $1K (like the Ostrich Leather bag) so I'm not shocked. Plus, Coach has a lot of bags that are $500 and up (ex. Mandy, new Soho XL Flap) and people have NO PROBLEM paying for those, so what's an extra $100 or two? For the quality that you're getting, I don't see what the issue is.

    But hey, this is coming from a person who believes that if you have the $$$$ and like it - get it! :nuts:
  15. ^exactly. the legacy stuff went up to, what, $798? something like that? so what's the difference with another couple hundred bucks?