A new Coach Line called Snoopy?

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  1. I was talking to a Mgr and as everyone knows they just came back from a big conference where they previewed the new line, heard the new company strategy etc. She told me that there is going to be a line called Snoopy. Unless I made a mistake and the bag is called Snoopy. But essentially this is going to be like Poppy - fun, colorful, embellished bags, lower price point, targeting the younger set. Anyone else hear anything? I believe she said this would release around the holiday time
  2. Snoopy? Like the peanuts dog? That's a ridiculous name for a company that wants to be taken more seriously. And I thought they moved away from the poppy line to appeal to a different demographic? Coach still seems to be all kinds of mixed up.
  3. its going to be different snoopy characters embossed on the taxi tote
  4. Yeah, there's supposed to be accessories and two bags, one being a tote.

    I'm really excited for the wristlet... :smile: I love Peanuts!
  5. yes youre right the edie too I think
  6. Maybe this is in response to all those Facebook requests to make a Hello Kitty line. There are already Hello Kitty bags so they settled on Peanuts. I like fun accessories but I don't think I'd be interested in a bag with Snoopy on it.
  7. +1! Pluh-ease! Snoopy! If someone sees my 50-year-old self carrying a Snoopy/Peanuts bag please slap me!
  8. Coach is kidding...right? I mean, I adore Snoopy but...Coach IS kidding - right??!!
  9. They must be. This aint gonna help sales. Lololololol

  10. They must being trying to copy Chanel and LV's Snoopy lines because all premier lines do this. LOL. I love peanuts, but I wouldn't be paying Coach prices for that.
  11. Have fun with that Coach. Lol
  12. Wow...just wow. I thought Coach was trying to elevate? I'm sure people will love this, but they probably won't be the people Coach is trying to lure in. Snoopy? Just bring back Poppy and at least get some of those customers back that they lost when they axed it.
  13. Snoopy, yeah that's "modern" and "fashion forward." (Sarcasm font). Do the target audience "young people" even know who Snoopy is?
  14. In 1984, major European fashion houses toured Europe showing a Snoopy and Belle exhibit, for the Peanuts' 45th anniversary. It got tremendous praise from the fashion world! For the company's (now) 75th anniversary, many fashion designers once again are showing Snoopy collections! Everyone from Coach to Diane Von Furstenburg are creating collections! I may not personally like the bags and accessories, but someone will! It's limited edition, and is not a going to be like a new Poppy line. It's very simple taxi totes, duffles and new carryalls with Snoopy embossed on them.
  15. This! :roflmfao:

    I had no idea Snoopy was a Millennial cartoon icon--I really don't think so, but I am sure they spent a lot of marketing $$ and time working that out! :P