A New Charlie

  1. Maybe this is a Charlie that would be more durable since it is linen. It is sorta pretty. I think I'd rather it not have the gold sheen though.

  2. Oooh that is nice! :yes: I prefer it to the all-leather charlies!
    Do they come in any other colours lexie?
  3. Nope....Gold Linen is it.
  4. Doesn't do much for me, prefer the leather ones...
  5. Lexie, when I saw that title, I thought you had given the Charlie another go in a different colour...

  6. Nah, I'm a little sore on this issue yet...LOL. I think if that linen bag came in anything but Gold I might.
  7. I prefer the leather ones as well, but I do like the colors. Well at least the linen would not scratch like the leather.
  8. The Charlie is such an adorable style. I really wanted to get one until I read about the trouble with the leather. I really hope they do a nice chocolate brown in a more durable leather for fall.
  9. Look how Gold this one looks like from Revolve. Makes the bag look so different. This one has more of a Holiday feel to me.

  10. Urgh, the revolve pic makes it look less attractive...like Goldfinger has been messing with it.
    The black python charlie is growing on me though! :yes:
  11. I have to say that I got a Charlie in luggage about 2 weeks ago and I'm not having a problem with it at all - and I've carried it every day. Maybe they fixed the problem? I am madly in love with this bag!

  12. me too. i want one in luggage i think. i probably won't be able to but i would if i could ya know?

    if i let my bonnie issue get to me, i'd hate kooba's ya know ;) buuuut i sucked it up and used the hell out if her and NOWWWW i love her more than life itself.

    will you ever try again on a Charlie?
  13. There's a couple of the new linen Charlies on eBay..one at an excellent initial bid and a not too bad buy it now. It doesn't have any bids either, if anyone's interested.