A NEW Cabas for FALL !!!!!!

  1. I went to my Chanel Boutique this morning to check the new arrivals with my SA...
    Unfortunately nothing caught my eyes:sad: ...
    (I guess I just have to wait my Classic Flap in red:rolleyes: ...).

    But my wonderful SA gave me a really big hope for this Fall:nuts: ...
    He told me a New Cabas will come in Matte and Patent combination leathers !!!
    Like a patchwork of Matte and Patent Leathers...even the CC will be Matte and Patent !!!

    He knows I'm crazy for patent so he told me I'll be the first to be called when this dreambag arrive...He is a real sweetheart:love: !
  2. that sounds wonderful!! I am crazy for patent...I can't wait to see a picture!
  3. Umm... :rolleyes: Interesting!!! Wondering what it looks like?
  4. oooooooooooh....i'd love to see pictures!!
  5. This is intersting!! what colours will the matt leather be in?

  6. At least in Black:graucho: ...
    Black Matte and Black Patent in a Cabas Shape...:wlae: :yahoo:
  7. Sounds interesting. I am not nuts about patchwork bags though. Did you see the monstrosity that LV makes for $42,000? Vomit inducing. Just my opinion.
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Let's give Chanel a chance...
  10. Sounds delish! Now if there's only a red...
  11. Interesting. Can't wait to see what it looks like!
  12. That combination sounds nice!!
  13. Ooh very pretty!
  14. is it going to be a patent/matt baby cabas? :love: That will be so cool!!!!
  15. :supacool: !!