A new, but all time favorite! What's yours???

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  1. :smile::heart::heart:I just love LV's two-sided wallet, the coin on one side and the credit cards on the other along with a bill compartment, its certainly one of my favorite LV wallets. I have this wallet in the monogram and have been wanting one in either the black MC or the black EPI. Well, I ended up deciding on the black EPI because I figure it would coordinate great with so many of my bags! Sorry for the shine and fingerprints, I just finished applying the Apple conditioner which I do for each new item I get. Maybe later down the road I can get the MC wallet and perhaps since I already have a black EPI now, I will get the MC in white. What's everyone's all-time favorite LV wallet???????????
    epiwallet1.jpg epiwallet2.jpg epiwallet3.jpg epiwallet4.jpg
  2. The eldridge.. although I'm sure the zippy offers the same function.

    And runner up are the ever lovable cles !
  3. My all time fave would be the french purse especially now that they added four extra card slots. I love the kisslock coin area ... I have it in mono and lilac epi that only has 4 cc slots, my new vernis amarante has 8. I wish they would bring back the long french purse (not sure what it's called).

    The zippy comes in close second.

  4. Oh, I have a damier french wallet but it only has 4 slots on the left side when opened. Glad to hear that LV added more cc slots, for I always thought the space on the right side was going to waste!
  5. I love my zippy!!
  6. that's what I thought too. They added more slots on different styles as well.

  7. That's right, I remember the first zippy or zip around, they had those few slots and now the newer style has so so many!!! I use to think that was so odd to have a great organizer zip-around with only a few credit card slots, that did not make sense either. I love the wallets that have everything and yet they're compact or slim.
  8. Love your wallet southerncharm! I just bought the ludlow in epi ivoire and can't wait to use it. I always carried larger wallets with a ton of cards (that I don't use), etc. My wallet was as big as my purse! I only use bank card on daily basis, best to keep cc's hidden, so can't wait to see how it feels to carry small wallet.
  9. Ooooohhhhh I loooooooove that wallet!!!!!! I think I might get one too! :graucho:

    The MC Zippy is my fave. I can't rock it though. :tdown:
  10. I don't really use a wallet. I use a key cles and a pochette... I thought I liked the new diary wallet until I saw it in monogram. Not lovin it, but I think the French purse is very elegant!
  11. oooh very nice wallet! my all time fave is the pochette wallet. i want one in every print/color lol.
  12. Good question! French purse :love:.