A new bracelet in town (well mine anyway) here she is!

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  1. Guys

    Here is the new bracelet that you all found for me! Woo hoo

    And a nice new family pic

    Enjoy (I am - hee hee)

    Thanks so much guys you are just theeeee best.

  2. wowser :nuts:

    gosh the new one looks such a deeper colour than it looked on ebay. Its an absolute stunner.
  3. pretty!
  4. thanks guys - do you think its time to hang up my bracelet buying days then????
  5. not if you are enjoying finding them. You have a good eye, and your collection is lovely.
  6. Its mostly your eyes Chloe Babe!

    YOu like spending my money!
  7. Gorgeous family photo!!
    Have you decided to keep the black bracelet bag?
  8. Gorgeous! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Thanks so much Chodessa - no I'm not keeping her - I think she just looks out of place in there - don't you?
  10. I love your collection.....
  11. Thanks D&G - not sure what other ones I can get! Plus taken a bit of an addiction to Balenciaga now so may be crossing to the dark side!
  12. I think this purple one is my fav out of your collection!! You lucky girl!!
  13. Lovely.
  14. Beautiful collection secret! That new one is a stunner! So different from the rest! Not the rest aren't beautiful (except the black :P)!
  15. Whoa girl! You must have a kick a## night life. Those are all BE - A - YOU tiful!!!!
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