a NEW Bedford/Papillon style coming soon!?!?!

  1. i just saw a small grainy photo of what appears to be a Bedford. but instead of handles, it has one long cross-body strap in vachetta. i wasn't sure if its Vernis, but the side had a small semi-circle pocket just like the Bedford. looks very cute. :tup:
  2. ooh do u have pix? can't wait to see pix of that!
  3. Thanks for the info!!!! Can't wait to see it IRL
  4. sorry no photos. but surely it will emerge soon enough.
  5. Cool thanks for the info!
  6. that sounds really interesting!
  7. Thanks for the info!!!
  8. That sounds cute - I've been really digging the bags with the extra straps so that would be perfect !
  9. it doesn't have the normal handles like on a Papillon. just the long strap which is adjustable. i'll try to steal a photo :ninja:
  10. That sounds different... I can't wait to see pics!
  11. hmmm, that's interesting! would love to see pics :graucho:
  12. WHich material? Monogram Toile? Is it a feminine bag? :hysteric:
  13. intresting... I like cross body type bags! Will this be out SS08?
  14. on the photo i saw it looks like beige Vernis. i think its feminine, but a male model was carrying it. so maybe it can go either way.
  15. ohh long strap is a good thing. I cant wait to see!